Walden Homeowners Association 2006 Annual Meeting

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Walden Homeowners Association: 

Walden Homeowners Association 2006 Annual Meeting November 12, 2006


Walden Homeowner Association Board of Directors Tim Holcombe President Christopher Smith 1st V.P. Paul Harvey 2nd V.P. Lisa Owens Treasurer Katherine Karlinger Secretary GUESTS Sandy Kirkindall Mayor, City of Madison Mike Petersen President, MGT

Walden Homeowners Association 2006 Annual Meeting-AGENDA: 

Walden Homeowners Association 2006 Annual Meeting-AGENDA 1. Meeting Call to Order Tim Holcombe, WHOA President - Introduction of Board and Guests 2. City of Madison presentation The Honorable Sandy Kirkindall 3. Social Committee Report Katherine Karlinger, Secretary 4. Financial review Lisa Owens, CPA, Treasurer 5. Web-Site/Pool usage Report Paul Harvey, WHOA 2nd VP 6. Ops, Grounds & Covenants Review Chris Smith, WHOA 1st VP 7. ARC Review Troy Wesson 8. Bradford Creek Greenway Mike Petersen, MGT 9. 2006 Accomplishments Tim Holcombe 10. 2007 Projects Presentation Tim Holcombe 11. YMCA Update Tim Holcombe 12. Gillespie Road/Emerson Road Update Tim Holcombe 13. Zoning Hearing-Brown’s Ferry property Tim Holcombe 14. Homeowners Association Council Tim Holcombe 15. Open Discussion/Forum Tim Holcombe 16. Nominations for WHOA 2007 Board Tim Holcombe - Nominees may present 3 minute presentation each

2006 Annual Homeowners Assn. Meeting: 

2006 Annual Homeowners Assn. Meeting The Honorable Sandy Kirkindall, Mayor City of Madison, AL.

Katherine Karlinger, Secretary WHOA: 

Katherine Karlinger, Secretary WHOA Social Committee Report


Successful Holiday Party in December 2005 attended by 70 homeowners Easter Egg Hunt for approximately 50 children Fourth of July Parade and Potluck / Barbecue Halloween Pre-Trick-or-Treating Party for children Invitations mailed to residents for this year’s Holiday Party on December 1 31 welcome baskets delivered to new homeowners Many thanks to the social committee for the last two years – Kathleen Lewis, Nadine Moore, and Jana Samloski, with help this year from Laurie Strickland SOCIAL COMMITTEE ACCOMPLISHMENTS 2005-06


Lisa Owens, Treasurer Financial Report

Assets & Liabilities For Period ending Oct. 31, 2006: 

Assets & Liabilities For Period ending Oct. 31, 2006 Assets Cash 28,399.39 Savings-Escrow 8,009.58 Deposits-Utilities 2,040.00 Property 482,400.00 TOTAL ASSETS 520,848.97 Current Liabilities Accounts Payable 1,025.10 EQUITY 519,823.87 TOTAL LIABILITIES & EQUITY 520,848.97


Paul Harvey, V.P. II Pool & Web-Site Report

Clubhouse Usage Recap: 

Clubhouse Usage Recap Clubhouse has been used by homeowners for private functions a total of 70 times to date, not including WHOA meetings, parties and other functions.   A total of 41 residents account for all of these uses, which equates to 25.5% of our homeowners.  26 residents have used the clubhouse once; 8 residents twice, 3 residents 3 times, 2 residents 4 times, 1 resident 5 times, and 1 resident 6 times.

Swim Lessons: 

Swim Lessons Taught by Mrs. Cassie Adams, Columbia Elementary School Teacher and Preserve Court Resident 61 students ages 2-12 Swim lessons helped to ensure our children’s safety by teaching them important water skills The board will be reviewing this opportunity again for 2007 and will be looking for additional instructors

Web-Site Usage Recap: 

Web-Site Usage Recap 14, 311 hits since Feb., 2005 Most viewed pages are Photo Gallery, Clubhouse Reservations, Association Meetings / Info, and ARC info (in order). Visit www.WaldenHOA.org


Chris Smith, V.P. I Grounds & Ops Report

Ops, Grounds and Covenants: 

Ops, Grounds and Covenants Operations: Major operating expenses (70%): Grounds Maint (sprinkler, lawn care, pond), Pool, Taxes/Insurance and the Club House. 06 Board avoided major adjustments to operations to gather data on operations during first year of ~ full occupancy. Pool usage rules Club House usage rules/fees Future changes to operations will focus on: 1) controlling expense growth, 2) ensuring resident access to amenities and 3) peace and safety. Recommendations to 07 board to: consider Club House fee structure, do not close pool, maintain (vice repair) pond and grounds.

Ops, Grounds and Covenants: 

Ops, Grounds and Covenants Grounds: 26 Acres total within Walden on which no dwelling may be built. Two types of areas Common – approx 9 Acres. Area around pond, in back of houses on Emerson road, and behind pool. HOA dictates maintenance and use. Conservancy – remainder. 90% is wetland and, while HOA property, is administered by the Army Corps of Engineers (COE). That means the COE dictates maintenance and use. See Map

Ops, Grounds and Covenants: 

Ops, Grounds and Covenants Grounds (continued): Issue #1: Trees in conservancy areas. COE is strict on removal. If it is in a wetland area, and not blocking drainage, then removal must be justified based on hazard. In justification process for conservancy area adjacent to Conservancy Drive Cul-de Sac. Dead trees in conservancy areas threatening property may be felled, but they will stay where they fell, or be placed inside the boundary of the conservancy area. Issue #2: Wildlife Please do not feed, hunt, trap, pet or otherwise entertain the wildlife. Beaver damage to trees may be controlled with chicken wire. If there is an intrusion problem, call animal control.

Ops, Grounds and Covenants: 

Ops, Grounds and Covenants Grounds (continued): Issue #3: Trash, construction waste, grass clippings and misc dumping in common areas. We mess it up, we clean it up. This is a definite problem for the area behind Emerson Rd as it cannot be easily accessed from any public area, only from homeowners property. Also grass clipping & dumping issues at Walden Glen & Emerson and in common area behind Thoreau Ct. Issue #4: The grass cutting contract is for the common areas adjacent to the club house, both entrances, area adjacent to Lot 12, and the pond only. It is not for any of the conservancy areas, cleaning debris, cutting trees, adding shrubbery, trees or flowers or otherwise improving any areas. Those are a HOA responsibility. Issue #5: WE NEED VOLUNTEERS! 26 acres is a LOT for one guy (and one 4 year old) to cover! Bring your chain saw and a lot of trash bags.

Ops, Grounds and Covenants: 

Ops, Grounds and Covenants Covenants: Tremendous thanks to Gina Simmons. A covenant Committee of one. A difficult job that she embraced with tact and grace. Covenants: Those rules that you may have read on the website or in your closing documents that cover all that stuff you are not supposed to do if you live here (not covered by the architectural committee): Parking in the street Cutting grass/maintaining yard Boats/RV Pet poop Unsightly stuff

Ops, Grounds and Covenants: 

Ops, Grounds and Covenants Covenants (continued): Why we have covenants: Maintain a community aesthetic standard. Maintain property values. Have a nice place to live and play. What covenants are not: A police force – is it unsafe or illegal? Call the police. Gripe squad, score eveners or morals police. What to do if your neighbor violates covenants. #1. Talk to your neighbor. Maybe they don’t know. #2. If #1 is a problem, or your neighbor is non-responsive, call or email us. We will go with you to talk to your neighbor. #3. Understand that we all must live with each other, and that we all are not perfect. The solution will probably be a compromise.


Troy Wesson, ARC Committee Chair Architectural Review Committee

Architectural Review Committee: 

Architectural Review Committee 2006 Architectural Review Chairman: Troy Wesson, 526 Thoreau Spring Court Agenda: What is the ARC? What does ARC govern? What is the process for approval? Summary of 2006 activities

What is the ARC?: 

What is the ARC? The Architectural Review Committee assists homeowner’s with projects that are harmonious with the existing character of Walden. The objective is to maintain our property values and to have a beautiful and respected community, while allowing homeowner’s to complete projects that meet their needs.

What does ARC govern?: 

What does ARC govern? Approval of the ARC must be obtained for the following including but not limited to: Modifications to existing structures and homes, including color and material. Fences - The community standard for fences is 6' wood shadow-box fences with arches.  The fence posts must be brick and should match the brick on your house or your neighbors.  Fences must be opaque stained an brown earth-tone in color.  Fences may not be forward of the rear corner of the house, except in special circumstances.  Completion of staining is required within 180-days of approval.

What does ARC govern?: 

What does ARC govern? Garages, Sheds, Outbuildings, Pool Houses, Workshops, etc - All require ARC approval prior to beginning construction.  They must be 95% brick and colors must match the house including brick, trim, doors, shutters, and roofing.  No wooden, metal or plastics sheds are allowed. Driveways, Patios, Decks, Pergolas/Arbors/Gazebos, Sunrooms, Screened-in Porches, Swimming Pools - ARC approval is required before beginning construction. Mailboxes – Replacement mailboxes must be the same style as you currently see.  No brick mailbox structures are permitted. Tree Removal – Removal of live trees greater than 6” in diameter.

What does ARC govern?: 

What does ARC govern? The ARC also governs Basketball Goals and Satellite Dishes. Standards are published at www.waldenhoa.org in lieu of filing an application: Basketball Goals - See the web-site for guidelines on setting up a basketball goals.  Deviations must get ARC approval before installation.  Goals must be installed per manufacturer direction and you may not stack sand bags or other materials on the base.  Satellite Dishes - See the web-site for guidelines.  Basic summary is 24" or less are okay and they should be placed in the back yard or back-side of the house unless line-of-sight prohibits this (i.e. south facing homes).  All outside antennas other than 24" or smaller Satellite TV dishes require prior approval.

What does ARC govern?: 

What does ARC govern? Please review the covenants if you have any questions on items not mentioned. ARC approval is not required for temporary structures such as swing sets, trampolines, and hot tubs.  Please use common sense about placement of these items in your back yard and be courteous of their placement with respect to your neighbor and visibility from the street.

What is the process for approval?: 

What is the process for approval? Review the covenants and process at www.waldenhoa.org Communicate desires with neighbors, as needed Obtain building permits, as needed Complete an application with appropriate diagrams – request walkthrough, if needed Sign and submit application to ARC for approval (e-mail also accepted in lieu of signature) Wait for approval, usually 1-2 days (ARC allowed up to 45 days) Upon approval, execute project within 180 days – including staining

What is the process for approval?: 

What is the process for approval? Note: The ARC waives the $75 application fee for all projects completed within 180 days of approval. The covenants also provide the board a mechanism to fine, place liens, and make the correction to any deficiency. 

Summary of 2006 ARC Activities: 

Summary of 2006 ARC Activities Also: Resolved 5 unstained fences from 2005 (over 180 days) Worked with builder on fence issues (Ph.4, Lot 19)


Madison Greenway & Trails, Inc. Mike Petersen, President


Tim Holcombe, President 2006 Accomplishments 2007 Proposed Projects YMCA Update Gillespie Road / Emerson Road Extension update Browns Ferry Property rezoning Homeowners Assn. Council Recap Open Discussion Nominations Open for 2007 WHOA Board of Directors

Walden Homeowners Association Annual Meeting 2006 Accomplishments : 

Walden Homeowners Association Annual Meeting 2006 Accomplishments

Walden Homeowners Association Annual Meeting 2007 Proposed Projects: 

Walden Homeowners Association Annual Meeting 2007 Proposed Projects

YMCA Update: 

YMCA Update Location will be on Hughes Road, across for the Post Office Proposed 11.9 million dollar facility Fund raising efforts ongoing; once funding secured, construction will take about 9 months; possible opening 2008.

Gillespie Road / Emerson Road Extension Update: 

Gillespie Road / Emerson Road Extension Update Gillespie Road extension slated to begin construction early 2007; will run from Balch Road to County Line. Major east-west thoroughfare in Madison; 3 lanes with sidewalks. Will border our Walden common area property; Bradford Creek Greenway may eventually cross. Emerson Road extension tie-in to be completed at same time; original Walden plats mandate this tie-in. Fencing, signage, sodding, irrigation & electrical (some or all) may be completed by Walden HOA in 2008. Balch Road widening project plan is to begin construction in 2010.

Zoning Hearing-Brown’s Ferry Rd. Property P&Z Meeting-Thursday, Nov. 16th, 5:30 PM: 

Zoning Hearing-Brown’s Ferry Rd. Property P&Z Meeting-Thursday, Nov. 16th, 5:30 PM

Madison Homeowners Assn. Council Recap: 

Madison Homeowners Assn. Council Recap Tim Holcombe has been instrumental in the formation of a council to represent all homeowner associations within Madison. Initial organizational meeting held Oct., follow up meeting next week. Initial meeting was attended by HOA Board members who represented 13 sub-divisions totaling 2399 homes. Objectives and Benefits to include : Provide a forum for the exchange of ideas between homeowner associations and for the growth, education and development of boards of directors and officers of homeowner associations, planned developments, and condominiums. Provide each participating HOA member the advantage of a unified voice in dealing with problems that are unique to their community. Provide unified representation to governmental representatives on HOA Council and member issues. Explore the benefits of financial discounts through group association discounts. Exchange and share information in regards to items such as pool maintenance, lawn care, landscaping, roads, tree service, garbage pick-up, etc. Encourage state and local lawmakers to enact legislation to protect purchasers, homeowners and associations.


Miscellaneous City of Madison to complete sidewalk for pedestrian right of way between houses located at 114-116 Merrimack Court so as to offer access to common areas. Joe Murphy has agreed to complete sidewalk at Emerson Road, between Walden Glen Rd & Ct. (vacant lot). Don’t forget to register your attendance & update your E-Mail address. Clubhouse holiday lights put up today. Men’s Night Out-this Friday-Join Us !




FLOOR OPEN TO NOMINATIONS-2007 Walden Homeowners Assn. Board of Directors Any homeowner eligible to be nominated. 5 homeowners will be elected

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