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Intramural Sports FAQ: 

UREC Intramural Sports - 2007 Intramural Sports FAQ


INTRAMURAL SPORTS FAQ Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions section for Intramural Sports at CMU. Here you can get the answers to most of your questions regarding Intramural Sports. Select a topic below and it will take you to the questions we hear the most. Sign Ups Sports & Rosters Schedule, Standings, Rules, & Time  Club & Varsity Sport Athletes  Free Agents  Injuries  Playoffs  Extramurals  Employment Program Desk Information

Sign Ups: 

Sign Ups Where do I sign up a team/individual for an intramural sport? Come to the Program Desk at the Student Activity Center (SAC) between the hours of 12:00 – 8:00 Monday – Thursday and 12:00 – 6:00 on Fridays and the Program Desk service representative will help you. How do I sign up a team/individual for a sport? Come to the Program Desk in the SAC and fill out the appropriate paperwork and the Program Desk service representative will help you from there. For most sports, you will select a division based on your desired time slot.

Sign Ups Cont.: 

Sign Ups Cont. How much does it cost? Cost varies from sport to sport. To see all sports with their prices please consult the Intramural Web Page at http://www.sac.cmich.edu/urec/imsports.htm. How do I form a team? People usually form teams with their friends or people they live with. After you sign your team up, the remaining people who will be on your team will add their names to the roster at your first game. Make sure they have their CHIP ID’s because if they do not have their ID’s at each game they will NOT be allowed to play for that game.

Sports & Rosters: 

Sports & Rosters What sports do you offer? We offer many varieties of sports. We have our major team sports which include softball, outdoor & indoor soccer, flag football, basketball, floor hockey, and volleyball. We also offer smaller team and individual sports including tennis, golf, and raquetball.   How many people can I have on my team?   Teams have an unlimited roster. You can have as many people as you want on your team. However, during playoffs rosters are frozen meaning any player wishing to play in playoffs must have played in at least one regular season game.

Sports & Rosters Cont.: 

Sports & Rosters Cont. Where are the games played at? All games for outdoor sports are played at the Outdoor Sports Complex located on Broomfield just after Kewadin Apartments and across from The Cabin. All indoor sports will be played at the Student Activity Center (SAC). What is in it for the champions? At the end of the playoffs we crown a champion. The champions all get an intramural champion t-shirt. Also, for those playing in championship games we have games and fun activities for players to win fun and crazy prizes. Plus, you just might get your picture in the paper.

Schedule/Standings/Rules & Time: 

Schedule/Standings/Rules & Time

Schedule/Standings/Rules & Time: 

Schedule/Standings/Rules & Time

Club & Varsity Sport Athletes: 

Club & Varsity Sport Athletes What is the difference between intramural sports and club sports? Club sports are registered student organizations (RSO) that are managed by University Recreation (URec). These clubs compete on a regional and national level against other universities and colleges. Intramural sports give the opportunity to CMU students to compete with other CMU students in different leagues including Men’s, Women’s, CoRec, IFC (Greek) and Residence Hall. Can I play both intramural sports and club sports?   Yes you can and we encourage it! However, we do have a restriction on this. Teams are limited to 2 club sport athletes on their intramural team in the sport which is considered the parallel sport. For example, a men’s softball team may only have 2 men on the team that also play for the CMU club baseball team.

Club & Varsity Sport Athletes Cont.: 

Club & Varsity Sport Athletes Cont. Can I play intramural sports if I am a varsity athlete? Yes you can! We also have a restriction on this as well. Varsity athletes may not play in their parallel sport while they are on the varsity team. Also, if a varsity athlete wishes to play in their parallel sport, they must sit out one full academic year starting from the end of their last varsity season. Also, teams are limited to one former varsity letter winner per team in the parallel sport. Can former professional athletes play intramural sports? Yes you can! The restriction we put on former professional athletes is they must sit out three (3) calendar years from the end of their last season in order to compete. Also, only one former professional athlete can play on a team in the athletes parallel sport.

Free Agents: 

Free Agents What if I can’t find a team to play with? We have a very simple solution for you. Simply go to the Program Desk located in the Student Activity Center (SAC) and sign up to be a free agent. You will give some contact information and we will put that information on our website under the free agents section.   What is the free agent list? The free agent list is where teams can find contact information for people who want to play certain sports. They can contact you if they are looking for more players for their team. Plus, it is a great way to make some new friends!


Injuries What happens if I get injured during an intramural contest? All of our intramural staff is certified in professional rescuer CPR/AED and first aid. They are first responders in all emergency situations and are trained to handle all situations that may occur in regards to injuries. We also have available the Injury Care Center (ICC) which is supervised by a certified athletic trainer at all times and employs several student trainers as well. Keep in mind though that you play at your own risk, and UREC is not liable for any injuries.


Playoffs How many games does my team need to win to make the playoffs? Your team must have at least a .500 record in order to make the playoffs in any of our team sports. However, if your team is in a league with an odd number of teams and only plays 3 games, your team must win at least 1 game to make playoffs. How do I know when I play my games for playoffs? A member of your team is required to attend a captains playoff meeting prior to the playoffs starting. At this meeting they will select a time slot to play at for the first round. From there use the schedule and standings section on our website to find out what times and days your team will play.


Extramurals What are extramurals? Extramural events are tournaments put on by other universities for intramural teams to compete against other universities and colleges at the state, regional, and national level. Most of these tournaments are played as part of the National Intramural-Recreational Sports Association (NIRSA) National Campus Championship Series (NCCS). How do I sign up for extramural tournaments? Go to our website at http://www.sac.cmich.edu/urec/imsports.htm and all extramural events that are going on will be listed on this page. In order to sign up contact the person listed as the contact for the tournament.


Employment How do I join the staff? Come to an officials round up meeting to the scheduled place and time. This information is available on our website at http://www.sac.cmich.edu/urec/imsports.htm or this information can be retrieved at the URec Program Desk at the Student Activity Center (SAC).


Call the Program Desk @ (989) 774 – 3200 Your Question Not Here? Program Desk Hours of Operation Mon. – Thurs: 12:00 – 8:00pm Friday: 12:00 – 6:00pm Or call the IM Director at (989) 774-3689 Or email imsports@cmich.edu

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