Hyperconerged VSAN Solutions

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Hyperconerged VSAN Solutions:

Hyperconerged VSAN Solutions Sibergen Technologies


Introduction Hyper-convergence IT framework combines compute, storage and network in a software-driven appliance thus reducing datacenter complexity and also provides increased scalability. The hyper-converged platform basically includes below components : • Hypervisor • Software-defined storage • Virtual network This framework also supports clustered setup to create shared pools of resources for efficient utilization. The bundled structure of hyperconverged IT has many benefits in terms of cost and operation management. The hyper-converged infrastructure framework has the potential to replace the present compute and storage systems, apart from the storage arrays, HCI products are to be widely adopted for storage infrastructures. Contact  SIBERGEN Technologies  before you consider implementing a Hyper-converged IT framework.


Simplicity In comparison to legacy products, hyper-converged infrastructure gives you a more simplified and flexible deployment and management of IT. With these systems, storage components can be considered native objects in the system.

Integrated Systems:

Integrated Systems Hyper-converged integrated systems bring much of the convenience of the cloud to on-site infrastructure.It automates the stack to provide a low-cost software-defined data center.

Availability as an appliance:

Availability as an appliance Many OEMs like Dell, HPE and Cisco provide hyperconverged IT services with their appliances as a bundled package with all required features like data deduplication, compression and other enterprise level software features and support.

What can you expect?:

What can you expect? 24*7 Support – Around-the-clock monitoring to ensure consistent uptime. Easy Deployment – HCI gives you a wide range of available products, appliances and service providers selling these both as hardware appliances and software packages. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Support – focus on supporting general IT workloads along with scalability options for future requirements. Predictable Budgeting – Our all-inclusive unlimited IT services are fixed price so you’ll pay the same amount each month. Leverage Technology Better – We’ll provide insight as to how to improve your systems so your business is always on top.

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