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Preface: If you need a new website mobile friendly then the first thing you should do is follow the essential steps to build one. To reach more mobile customers follow these steps to make their digital experience as mobile-friendly as possible.

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1. Give Your Site a Mobile-Friendly Makeover There’s nothing more frustrating for smartphone users than visiting a poorly formatted mobile website. For small businesses this can lead to reduced sales if impatient customers decide to visit a competitor with a more mobile-friendly site. With more people accessing the internet through mobile devices according to making your website mobile-friendly is more likely to keep customers on your page.

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2. Use Responsive Templates As part of a responsive site design strategy mobile site templates will allow you to more easily convert much of your website content and format from desktop to mobile. It’s also best and easiest to use the same text and images for both desktop and mobile websites. From there you can fine-tune the display on your mobile website for optimal viewing and navigation.

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3. Make Sure It’s Readable to make your mobile website easier to navigate and more attractive to visitors keep it simple. Reduce the number of words and give what’s there plenty of room. You don’t want potential customers to have to zoom in on text and scroll from left to right to read it all. Choose larger font sizes such as 14px and break up larger text blocks into smaller bite-size paragraphs or bullet points. Because mobile screens are much smaller clear and easy navigation is essential. Make it easy for visitors to pick out the information they’re searching for with data that are readily available.

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4. Include Basic Company Info This may seem obvious but it’s important your vital company details are easy to find and prominently displayed. This includes address store hours and contact information. Make your phone number clickable so visitors can call without leaving the page. You should also include a Google map icon that allows customers to see your exact location.

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5. Minimize Use of Photos and Plugins You may be tempted to add lots of splashy pictures and plugins to your site but keep them to a minimum as much as you can. While they may look attractive they can lead to slow website loading speeds and the loss of potential customers who don’t want to wait.

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Conclusion Even if you get everything right today the way mobile devices look and work will continually change and today’s mobile friendly website may not still do the job tomorrow. Keep testing keep tweaking where needed and continue to think about your mobile users as a priority and you should be fine.

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