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The next generation of photos :

The next generation of photos

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words…….:

A Picture is Worth 1,000 Words……. PixZero : An Android App which captures, uploads, and publishes pictures instantly . …One device does it all Interior 360° : The industry’s first 360° interior virtual tour in just seconds. …Put your buyer in the driver’s sea t Media Layer : HTML5 layer that displays pictures, interior 360°, and video in real time across all sites, browsers, PC’s, mobile devices and tablets. …Instant publication, zero mistakes

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Zero effort : The entire process is completed through the PixZero App which guides the user, the process, and uploads the content automatically & instantly. Zero time : Pictures and 360° interior virtual tour are displayed through the media layer within seconds of capture. Zero mistakes : The content is stored and displayed from a single location in the Cloud - no more data feeds and CSV processing. Process F low:

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Our proprietary Android App, transforms Android Cameras into a Computer, a Network, a Server, and a Hub that will capture, collect, classify and upload all content ( photos, 360° virtual tour & video) to the Amazon Cloud. Computer Network Amazon’s S3 Cloud & 3 rd Parties Server Hub Camera The PixZero App:

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Equipment may be purchased by dealer or ordered through SiSTeR Technologies. Required Equipment:

Spin-IT - Photo booth, Turntable & EZ360 :

Spin-IT - Photo booth, Turntable & EZ360

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Click to see Spin-IT Sample Background Spin-IT is a joint venture between Carousel USA and SiSTeR Technology to provide high quality turntables and the EZ360 family of products. Best of both worlds Turntables Spin-IT offers 19’, 30,000 lbs. and 14’ 10,000 on a turnkey (delivered & installed) basis. Zero mistakes -> no headache. Exterior 360 an interactive 360 spin of the vehicle that works on all PC’s, tables and smartphones. …capture your audience All other service of Spin-IT included in the packages are identical to EZ360. Plans and consulting services for building the photo booth are offered free of charge. Hardware, Software & Services C ombined http://demos.sister.tv/Dorschel/ VinSolutionsPage.html (Copy & Paste Into Your Browser)

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Capture video to create exterior 360° Spin Exterior 360 spin : Exterior 360 Spin is created by cutting numerous frames out of a full motion video and a proprietary player. Fully Automated : The video capturing and automated upload process, as well as controlling the turn table are built into PIXZero . Efficiency: PixZero supports support one or two cameras. Adding a second, stationary, camera to capture the video provides for efficiency and redundancy. Process F low:

Packages & Pricing::

Packages & P ricing: Please contact us for a proposal. www.sister.tv or (972) 855-3500

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