Top 10 Makeup Mistakes that are Ageing You

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Top 10 Makeup Mistakes that are Ageing You Even though we spend money on expensive serums and rejuvenating masks it turns out that there are certain things in our beauty routine that cancel them out. We don’t realize but our makeup and hair routines may be covertly ruining our efforts to stay as young as possible. Here are some common beauty mistakes that might be making you look older than you are: Your Concealer Is Too Heavy Essentially this applies to every makeup product. The key is to use more lightweight formulas and apply thinly to avoid crinkling and caking. This especially applies to under-eye concealer. Too much coverage can bring an ageing appearance to the skin and can highlight wrinkles and lines in this subtle area. Use a moisturizing eye cream on your skin and keep the touch light.

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Using the Wrong Foundation The biggest foundation mistake is not choosing the right colour and not blending correctly. Best Bridal Makeup Artist in Noida suggests that you should be using a beauty sponge to blend the foundation properly. Just wet crush out the extra water dip the sponge into your foundation and bounce and tap it around your face for a flawless complexion.

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Not Using Primer Not using a primer can produce more fine lines on your face. Primers are made with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and silicone that fill in your wrinkles and gives a smooth airbrushed canvas for your foundation. If you are having dark circles don’t just pile on the concealer with abandon over-applying can cause it to cake under your eyes and draw more attention to problem spots. Bridal Makeup Experts in Delhi say that instead try using a primer with brightening smoothing ingredients first and then applying a thin layer of concealer with a brush. Then follow with concealer. Using Too Many Powder Products While having oily skin when we’re younger is normal but as we age our skin produces much less sebum so using powder products tends to translate as too matte and automatically flat. Cream formulas will condense your skin much dewier and more shining. Most face powders tend to augment lines in the skin aging us. If you can’t give up powder try switching to a completely translucent powder or a mineral-based one. Neglecting Your Brows Unless you were born with naturally full brows chances are you need to use a brow pencil to make your eyebrows look good. Most makeup artists would tell you that thin arched brows actually makes you look older while full bushy brows signify youth.

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Your Hair Colour Is Flat Healthy shiny bouncy glossy hair signifies health whereas Dull flat one-dimensional hair colour can make you look older. To keep your strands vibrant try an at-home gloss or go to the salon for a gloss. Wrong Eyeliner Technique Top Makeup Artists say that harsh thick eyeliner will age you like no other especially if you only apply it to your bottom lash line. Instead choose a creamy silky pencil and then blend into your lash line softly. Or just line your waterline to define your eyes in a refined way.

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Skipping Blush Blush is supposed to look like a natural youthful flush so don’t overdo things by choosing a too-bright color or glittery finish. A buildable cream blush is the easiest way to add a touch of color and dewiness. Apply with your fingers or with a brush the color will look completely natural. Too Dark Hair Dark cool hair tones can actually bring out grey ashy tones in your skin. Instead opt for warm tones and face-framing highlights to revitalize your skin and make you look more awake.

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Short Hair Stick-straight strands and blunt ends can make your face appear thick and actually sag your features. Instead ask your stylist for long layers soft volume and lots of movement to soften harsh lines and help frame your face. Conclusion You can stop doing the above-mentioned mistakes in your makeup routine and hence can look younger at any age. These mistakes are pointed out by Top Makeup Artist in India and therefore you can totally trust it and incorporate in your beauty regime to look better and prettier. Content Source: are-ageing-you

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