Work Life Balance - What is the Wheel of Life & it's Importance


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Have you ever wondered what is the wheel of life? Check out this PPT to know what is the wheel of life and how it will help you to make better corrections in your life decisions. Visit Edelweiss for better investment decisions -


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The Wheel Of Life


Name: Mr. Shailesh Puri Age: 35 years Personal Life: Married, 5 year old son Working hours: 70 hrs/week Income: 15 lakhs/annum Liability: Home loan Health: Suffering from Chronic chest pain and Insomnia 0


Career Physical Health Finance Emotional Health Entertainment Personal Growth Hobbies Family & Friends 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 OBSERVATION Areas of I mprovisation : Physical Health Personal Growth Hobbies Emotional Health Family & Friends He decides to take a better charge of his life & plotted it on the Wheel of Life !


Shailesh makes necessary corrections in his life! = Productivity Level Before After Working 70 hours/ week Level of productivity = 72% Working 56 hours/week Level of productivity = 85% Physical & Mental Health Before After Suffering from Chronic chest pain and Insomnia No physical activities Emotional imbalance Adapted to hobbies like Cycling Spending time with family and friends Inculcate in the Hobby of his choice Fitness activity of his choice Spend time with his family & friends Give back to the society 

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