Top 5 Benefits to Invest in SIP (Sytematic Investment Plan)


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Check out what are the top 5 reasons to invest in SIP. A Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment vehicle through which investors can invest specific amounts of money in mutual funds. This investment is done periodically such as monthly, quarterly or annually. You can start your SIP investment with a very little amount. Start your SIP mutual fund investment with Edelweiss -


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5 Reasons To Invest In An SIP (Systematic Investment Plan):

5 Reasons To Invest In An SIP (Systematic Investment Plan)


#4 Convenience You can invest a small amount without affecting your monthly budget #1 Brings in Discipline Invest into a pre-set date every month – your investments will gradually grow Your Investments are like a tree ; you will enjoy their fruits only if you carefully plan and nurture them! #3 Power of compounding The longer you stay invested, the more is the benefit of compounding #2 Rupee cost averaging The average cost of buying mutual funds goes down #5 Timing the market Helps you to avoid timing the market

How does an SIP help you to achieve your number?:

How does an SIP help you to achieve your number? How can he achieve his Magic Number? Meet Amey ! - He is 25 years old He wants to build a corpus of 1 crore in next 20 years . Retirement

Retirement Goal Planning:

Retirement Goal Planning Step #1 – Log on to Edelweiss. in Step #2 – Input the basic details into Guided Portfolio Services We find out that Amey can achieve his retirement goal by Investing Rs 13,100 as a SIP every month Portfolio Breakup


Amey’s Portfolio In The Next 20 Years You put in 13100 every month What it will grow to? Rs. 100.83 Lacs What you will gain? Rs. 69.39 Lacs What you invested? Rs. 31.44 Lacs Your Portfolio will grow at least by 10.04% p.a.

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