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Shutta CrumAuthor : 

Shutta CrumAuthor I wonder how she does it?

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Ideas can come from reading . . . Snakes!

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Ideas come from pictures. Bears!

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Ideas come from experiences . . . such as homebuilding. Whew! Hard work!

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Grandkids and pets are good sources of ideas. More wild creatures?

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Ideas can come from combining travel and family history . . . Shutta says . . . Shutta’s book about her family.

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Ideas can come from family photographs. . . Uh-oh! I better get out of here!

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. . .or from photos by famous photographers like Dorothea Lange and Walker Evans. These people are very poor!

Slide 9: 

Our old farm . . . . . . when we bought it. Ideas can come from where you live. Lots of work to do!

Slide 10: 

Our old farm today . . . Wow! Look at it now. And she wrote a book about it.

Slide 11: 

Researching an idea. More work to do !

Slide 12: 

Shutta’s thinking room . . . . . . better known as the playhouse ! I’d like to take a nap in that hammock!

Slide 13: 

Yikes !! What a cluttered desk . . . Too messy for me!

Slide 14: 

The first draft of My Mountain Song. I can’t read this mess!

Slide 15: 

Ouch! My novel came back with 100s of sticky notes. Oh-oh! Can she try it again?

Slide 16: 

More corrections to make !!! Yikes!

Slide 17: 

moving Cutting my story up and around. it all Help! She’s desperate! She’s using scissors on her manuscript.

Slide 18: 

Books being made. I wonder if they mind having a fox in the building?

Slide 19: 

Her newest book! Coming in 2009!

Slide 20: 

Sharing my books with others . . . The best part of writing ! . . . at bookstores, Shutta shares at book fairs . . .

Slide 21: 

. . . and at schools. She likes to share with anyone who likes to read! Like me!

Shutta’s websites: or : 

Shutta’s websites: or For more information. Hey! She wrote a book about me. I’m in Fox and Fluff!

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