The TRUE story of our old farm

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Slides of the animals and seasons on the farm.


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The TRUE story of our old farm.:

The TRUE story of our old farm. July, 1985.

Slide 2:

Our old farm . . . when we bought it in 1985.

Slide 3:

Our old farm today . . .

Slide 4:

The old garage converted into a playhouse.

Slide 5:

While working on the place, I’ve had other ideas for books. Gerry is often an inspiration. Here he just pushed a wall down!  Whew !

Slide 6:

Some of the winged visitors to our old farm.

Slide 7:

Other wild visitors.

Slide 8:

Visitors to the pond . . . . . . including a Blanding’s and a snapper!

Slide 9:

Some animals came, stayed for a while and were not so wild . . .

Slide 10:

Some of the seasons on our farm . . .

Slide 11:

A rainbow for our old farm! And 22 years later, welcome to a book about it.

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