5 Steps to Create a Website for Your Small Business

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5 Steps to Create a Website for Your Small Business

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A website contributes in increasing credibility of a business whether it is large or small. A website helps to market your business by enticing people to purchase your products/services. Websites increases interaction between businesses and their potential customers. Moving onto the benefits that customers can have from a website is that they can verify your business’s authenticity. Customers can get an assurance that your products/services are reliable cost-effective and useful for them. There are many software applications that provide hosting for your websites like Word press and Blue host. This blog will describe you on ​how to make a website ​in simple steps- Domain Name Registration The most commonly used domain name is dot com .com that most customers search. Although there are different domain names like .net .org .info but these are not preferred by people making a specific search. Dotcom .com domain name enables you to connect with the potential customers across the world it is not limited to a certain region.

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Host Your Website Go Daddy and Dream Host are the web hosting sites which guarantee you for money back when hosting your website. These are available to you at affordable prices. You can choose a favorable package according to your budget. Hosting your website helps you to know the traffic that is engaged for your website. Select the Right Template There should be a specific number of pages on your website. Your website template should be simple unique and attractive so that customers can find it interactive for them. Adding images videos and animations to the website connect customers with your business. You can add following pages to your website- Home Page To make customers understand your business About Us Page To make customers aware of what your business does and why they should choose it. Services Page To let customers know the functional areas your business works in. Contact Us Page Using your business’s contact detail customers can communicate with your staff. Responsive Theme I am sure you know how to develop a website using ‘responsive’ as a feature in it. If you don’t know ​how to develop website ​responsive then you can use ‘Weebly’ software application. This will customize your website design and make it responsive for the users.

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You can make additional adjustments like message button call-to-action button help button and search option. These are some of the interactive elements that make your website user-friendly. Modify Your Website Lastly you can add features to the website like navigation response time buttons links header and footer. The minimalist design of a website makes it feasible for the customers to access it. Use a logo in the header of the website this will create uniqueness for your brand. When you are completed with all the steps mentioned above test the website. Check its performance and appearance by taking a preview of it. You can take help of any expert or show it to one of your clients. This will help you to make suitable changes before the website goes on live. Original Source : ​h t t p s : / / g o o . g l / E q r t J c

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