These 3 Flaws are Destroying All Your Email Marketing Efforts

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These 3 Flaws are Destroying All Your Email Marketing Efforts

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Even though everyone’s doing it email marketing is still very effective and one of the most used client acquisition technique in the world. Several tech gurus have their distinct opinion on whether or the email marketing should be the part of a business’ strategy or not. However with my experience in a ​web development service in the recent years I figured out that most of the high-end clients we got came directly from our email marketing efforts. Some of our competitors who didn’t stay abreast of an email marketing strategy reported a gradual decrement in the overall sales. But this fact doesn’t support the fact that all the promotional emails in the inbox are appreciated. Sometimes organizations fail to get the most out of their email marketing efforts. Some blemishes made in the planning executing and processing keeps your firm’s name in the spam box. 1. Not Maintaining the Relevance

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If you don’t know anything about your prospect then better don’t send them an email instead of acknowledging them about one of your random offerings and nudging them to buy something from you. Instead have look at their Facebook or Linkedin profile know about their field of work or interest and personalize your emails. 2. The Worst Moments Experts suggest that if you approach a customer in their best moment with a service they actually need and at a price they really are

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comfortable with. Send an email to a prospect if you actually have any information to share or something to say. Otherwise stay put. 3. Promotions that Look Like Promotions Nothing is more boring for your potential clients to check an email in the inbox and get bombarded with the same time of promotional buzz over and over again. Hence craft your content smartly and strategically in a way that it catches the eyes of clients in a flash. Remember the attention

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span of an average human being is only 7 seconds. And that’s the time you got to show your magic. If a firm can spend as much as 10000 to ​hire a web developer then setting a monthly budget of 500 to hire a professional ​email marketing service or software wouldn’t be assumed as an extravagance. I am pretty sure that adopting a proper email marketing strategy in your campaign would return you great results in a time span of two to three months. Source: ​h t t p s : / / g o o . g l / k 3 T B 6 X 1 1

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