How to Get Users to Your Mobile App

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How to Get Users to Your Mobile App Let’s See What Industry Veterans Say

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I completed my graduation back in 2011. And like most of the people those days a phone was just a tool for me to text and call. Nothing more. I didn’t know that the revolution of smartphones that was going to change the way world communicate was in its initial phase. No more than 3 years after that my new smartphone was more of a work entertainment and fun tool than it was a communication device. And now when I am earning my living from being a senior mobile app developer in a ​leading mobile app development company ​ I realized that ​mobile applications are doing a lot of keeping you busy with games YouTube and social media apps to find destination paying for an online order and communicating with business prospects. Advertisers have spent over 24 billion in last year. No doubt the mobile app world is being more and more profitable with every passing year. Offering services developing products and creating advertisement are no longer based on just ‘what people are liking’. They are based on what people ‘will’ like in the next four quarters. Remember the statement from Steve Jobs back then  —  “It is not

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your customer’s duty to find what they want.” For exactly the same reason I have made contact with some of the renowned mobile app industry veterans and figured out what they suggest for the year 2018. Here’s what they enlightened us with: Jay Baer Author Founder Convince Convert “Mobiles will be taking over every other way of display and manifestation. Mobiles will be the primary ways for people to find information services and products in 2018. If your marketing efforts still revolve around 34-inch 4k monitors then you are not really serious about the mobile-first rush.” Julie Keshmiry Global Media Director Intel “Content in its various forms is grabbing the attention of masses. IT firms wireless internet service providers and a big section of IT industry is grabbing good content creators. Tax laws are getting tougher making the acquisition of companies harder. In that case solutions like Oath that attached the string of Yahoo and Verizon will rock.”

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I hope you found these predictions helpful and all the time I spent with the experts was worthwhile. If you are running a ​mobile app development service in USA ​then you better align with these trends before your competitors make the first move. Source code: ee-what-industry-veterans-say-302f977f183e

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