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Live positive & Enjoy life


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NORMAN VINCENT PEALE Dr. Norman Vincent Peale (May 31, 1898 – December 24, 1993) was a minister and author and a progenitor of the theory of "positive thinking". He was born at Ohio and completed his graduation at Bellefontaine High School. He is dignified by ‘The Father of Positive Thinking’.

Some of His Books…..:

Some of His Books….. The Positive Power of Jesus Christ (1980) Stay Alive All Your Life (1957) Why Some Positive Thinkers Get Powerful Results (1987). You Can if you think You Can. (1987) Six Attitudes for Winners. (1989)

Purpose of book….:

Purpose of book…. This book is written to suggest techniques and to give examples which demonstrate that you do not need to be defeated by anything that you can have peace of mind improved health a never-ceasing flow of energy. In short, that your life can be full of joy and satisfaction.

Index of book…:

Index of book… Believe in Yourself A Peaceful Mind Generates Power How to have Constant Energy Try Prayer Power How to Create Your Own Happiness Stop Fuming and Fretting Expect the Best and Get It.

Index of book…:

Index of book… I don’t Believe in Defeat How to Break the Worry Habit Power to Solve Personal Problem How to use Faith in Healing When Vitality Sags, Try This Health Formula Inflow of New Thoughts can remake You Relax for Easy Power

Index of book…:

Index of book… How to Get People to Like You Prescription for Heartache How to Draw upon That Power Epilogue

Positive Thinking…:

Positive Thinking… What’s This..?? Positive thinking is a mental attitude in which you expect good and favorable results. Positive thinking is the process of creating thoughts that create and transform energy into reality

Believe in Yourself…:

Believe in Yourself… Have Faith in your abilities…!!! Self confidence leads to Self Realization. Believing in Yourself is the First Secret to Success. Don’t Compare Yourself with Others. Love Yourself..!!!

Wonderful Example from Book:

Wonderful Example from Book Author went to person who lost Everything in his Life & Asked Following Question: Is your Wife still with You? What about your Children? Got any Friends? How about Integrity? Have you done anything wrong? How about your Health? Is their opportunity for still doing business? Do you Believe in GOD?

PowerPoint Presentation:

Their was Positive Answer for all the Question author asked above. Then the person realized that he can start again if he regain some self confidence. Thus It’s said that “Attitudes are more important than Facts.”

Peaceful Mind Generates Power:

Peaceful Mind Generates Power “Set peace of mind as your highest goal, and organize your life around it.” To be happier and healthier they need a renewing of their minds, that is a change in the pattern of their thought of a ‘Mind full of Trouble’ or a ‘Mind full of Peace’.

PowerPoint Presentation:

“ The greatest discovery of my generation is that a human being can alter his life by altering his attitudes of mind. “ - William James.

How to have constant energy..:

How to have constant energy.. How we think is having a definite effect on how we actually feel physically. For e.g. : If you feel tired; the body mechanism, nerves accept the fact Supply attitudes of faith to the mind it can increase Energy.

PowerPoint Presentation:

In ancient days the Strokes of Ponderous Pendulum says- “There—is—lot—of—time. There—is—lot—of—time. There—is—lot—of—time. There—is—lot—of—time.” Where the modern strokes of Shorter Pendulum says- “ Time—to—get—busy. Time—to—get—busy. Time—to—get—busy. Time—to—get—busy.”

Prayer Power:

Prayer Power Prayer remarkably restores the harmonious functioning of body and soul which is lost due to Disability, tension & troubles. To make something happen: 1 st pray about it and test it according to GOD’s Will Then print a picture of it on your mind as happening Holding picture firmly in conscious Continue to surrender the picture to GOD’s will and follow God’s guidance. Work hard and Intelligently doing your part to achieve success. DO THIS AND YOU WILL BE ASTONISHED AT THE STRANGE WAYS IN WHICH THE PICTURISATION COME TO PASS.

Create your own Happiness..!!:

Create your own Happiness..!! Who decides whether you shall be happy or not? YOU! The way to Happiness: Keep your heart free from hate Your mind from worry Live Simple Expect Little Give Much Fill your Life with Love Scatter Sunshine Forget yourself, Think of others. You are the Manufacturer of your own Happiness !!!

Stop Fuming and Fretting:

Stop Fuming and Fretting Many People make Life unnecessarily difficult for themselves by Fuming And Fretting. In Life, In Proportion to rising tension and anger, depress your voice and talk in low voice. Because You cannot carry on an argument in a whisper.

Expect the best and get it…:

Expect the best and get it… When you expect BEST, you realise a magnetic force in your mind which by a law of attraction tend to bring the best in you. But If you expect worst you release from your mind the power of repulsion which tend to force the best from you.

Don’t Believe in Defeat..:

Don’t Believe in Defeat.. Have I don’t believe in defeat Attitude. The Author asked Negro for how he overcome his troubles. The Negro said- “ First I try to go around, if I can’t then I try to go under it, and if not I try to go over it, and then also if not I plough right through it”

PowerPoint Presentation:

Try this Prayer “ I believe I am always divinely guided” “I believe I will always take the right turns of the road” “I believe God will always make a way where there is no way.” “With God all things are possible”

New thoughts can Remake You..:

New thoughts can Remake You.. “The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.” As you think, so shall you be. So flush out all old, tired, worn-out thoughts. Fill your mind with fresh, new creative thoughts of faith, love, and goodness. By this process you can actually remake your life.

Relax for easy power…!!!:

Relax for easy power…!!! "EVERY NIGHT in these United States more than six million sleeping tablets are required to put the American people to sleep." Some ways to relax: Don’t get an Idea That you are carrying the world on your shoulder, Don’t Strain hard, Don’t take yourself so seriously. Determine to like your work. Plan your work– work your Plan. Don’t try to do everything once. Get a correct mental attitude for doing a work. Become efficient in your work. Try to be Relax. Discipline yourself not to put off until tomorrow what you can do for today. Pray about your work so that you can do with relaxed efficiency.

PowerPoint Presentation:

How to get People like you.. “ One of the Deeper Drives of Human Nature is the Desire to be appreciated.” - William James

Some principles to be followed which make you expert & people like you :

Some principles to be followed which make you expert & people like you Learn to remember names. Be a Comfortable person so there is no strain in being with you. Always be relaxed so that thing do not lose confidence in you. Don’t be egotistical. Cultivate the quality of being interesting. Remove Harsh elements from your personality. Sincerely attempt to heal. Practice liking man until you learn to do so genuinely. Never miss an opportunity to say congratulation upon ones achievements or express sympathy in disappointment. Give strength to people and they will give affection to you.

Thank of almighty the GOD:

Thank of almighty the GOD Every night before you go to bed, spend 5 minutes saying thank you out loud for the experiences you had that day: the people you interacted with, the work you accomplished, the food you ate, etc…As you do this, really try and feel the gratitude emanate from within. Shubham Chandrakumar Malani

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