Different Types of Printing Techniques

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Let us know about different types of printing tecniques....


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Movable Type Movable Type is invented in 15 th century. It is the process of setting type by hand for printing on a letterpress machine. Movable type can be made of either wood or metal and letters can be cut individually by craftsmen called punch cutters

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Letterpress Letterpress exists in smaller scale and in speciality shop. The process often involves photopolymer plates that can translate a digital design into a raised plate for use with vintage presses. It is a flexible and reliable printing method that can be used for almost anything.

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Wood Block Wood Block is a form of letterpress , it is the oldest technique for printing & has long history in both Europe & Asia.  It is a relief process in which an image is carved in reverse into a piece of wood, inked up and paper is pressed down on top of it to transfer the ink and image.

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Flexography Flexography operates with web presses ,it does not use standard plates of offset lithography. Instead of it uses rubber plates and water based inks which dry quicker and allow for faster production times. Faster drying times also allow for more effective results on materials like plastic which does not absorb ink like paper does.

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Silk Screen Printing Silk Screen printing offers a wide range of brightly colored inks and is often used for printing t-shirts, posters and other promotional materials.

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Digital Printing It is the process that uses toner more than ink. Digital Printing is the modern method of printing without need of printing press or printing plate.

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Injet Printing Injet printing is the common household printing solution . The process involves a printer which communicates digitally with a computer of some sort and physically sprays the ink onto the paper.

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Engraving It is the most expensive printing techniques and also most time consuming. Engraving is used for fancy invitation or business cards of high ranking officials of large corporation. The engraved image is first carved by hand or machine onto a metal plate.

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