4 Helpful Tips For Your Custom Shirts

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Are you creating a custom shirt? Or buying promotional shirts for your business? Here are some helpful tips for success!


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4 helpful tips for your custom shirts:

4 helpful tips for your custom shirts Presented by Shoplet Promos

Want promotional t-shirts?:

Want promotional t-shirts ? Answer these questions before moving forward!

Questions to ask…:

Questions to ask… Who is your recipient? What is your budget? What type of shirt should I buy? Fabric? Color? Sizes? AM I FORGETTING ANYTHING?

Target Market:

Target Market What type of shirt does your market wear? Certain demographics don’t wear custom polo shirts no matter how they look It may dilute your brand and confuse consumers if you are targeting that demographic Are you targeting athletes? They may be interested in custom active wear

Target Market:

Target Market Are your employees going to be the recipients of this promotional product ? Popular way to promote team unity and to appear more credible to customers

Target Market:

Target Market Who will wear your shirt? Interested in fashion? Athletes? Young professionals? Employees? Important to know, they may require different styles of T-Shirts

Budget and Goals:

Budget and Goals What is your overall budget? What are your goals?


Budget With literally hundreds of promotional shirt options, your budget is KEY Being cost effective (ex. Fruit of The Loom Heavy Cotton T-Shirt ) will allow you to purchase more with your budget – leading to more people seeing your logo and more impressions High quality Custom Polo Shirts may be kept longer by recipient. A satisfied customer will lead to an increase in brand awareness and brand loyalty


Goals Quality vs. Quantity Higher reach? Want as many people to recognize your logo as possible? Go for Quantity Increase brand loyalty? Impress at a Trade Show? Go for Quality The correct answer: it depends and it’s most likely a combination of both strategies VS.


Styles The fun part! Choosing what style to purchase! Fabric Type Colors Sizes Extras?


Type? Custom Promotional Tees Cost effective, main purpose is to show off logo, little emphasis on high quality material Fashion T-Shirts Extra soft feel, special cuts, cool pattern and colors – will leave lasting impression on consumer Custom Athletic Shirts Moisture wicking, get ready to suit up and start that race, dynamic designs


Colors Unlike a clothing line, you can’t offer many different color options Does it compliment your logo design? Does it fit within your brand colors?


Sizes If you don’t know exact sizes, choose a nice distribution of sizes XS to XXXL


Variety Don’t forget to get Men’s, Women’s and Youth T-Shirts if applicable!


Overview 3 Things To Focus On Who is your recipient? TARGET MARKET WHAT DO THEY WANT What is your budget? QUALITY vs. QUANTITY RIGHT BALANCE What style should you buy? FABRICS, COLORS, SIZES

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