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Going Green & It’s Benefits:

Going Green & It’s Benefits

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Going Green may seem to be the latest trend, but it is a trend that comes with a variety of benefits. Whether you run a home-based business or a brick-and-mortar there are simple things you can do to go green that will make a big impact.

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Going green is not just good for the environment but also for your business as a whole, there are plenty of benefits that come with going green.

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What is a Green Business? A “green” business strives to have a positive impact on the environment and community. What is the value of going green? Customers, companies, and organizations are becoming more conscious of the cost and potential scarcity of our natural resources. Customers are more inclined now more than ever to Shop Green ! (EartShare.org)


BENEFITS Going green is not just good for the environment but also for your business as a whole, there are plenty of benefits that come with going green. Let’s Find Out!

1) Legal and Tax Advantages :

1) Legal and Tax Advantages California has cracked down on emission allowances so companies have been incorporating green technology in order to reduce emission and comply with state standards. Tax credit and incentives at the state level are also available. Some states provide tax exemption for businesses using solar energy equipment, systems, machinery, and other renewable energy technologies. IRS allows businesses that use company cars such a hybrids to take an alternative motor vehicle credit on federal taxes. The federal government allows businesses to take a tax credit for up to 30% for the use of solar and wind energy.

2) Improved Work Place :

2 ) Improved Work Place Green cleaning supplies can help employees who suffer from respiratory problems or several allergies because green products have fewer chemicals. It increases employee morale and loyalty for a unified ideal. It also attracts and retains talented employees while increasing productivity.

3) Reduce Waste and Decrease Costs :

3 ) Reduce Waste and Decrease Costs Improving efficiency and lowering operating costs can save a business thousands of dollars per year. On average some of the benefits green businesses enjoy ( Wamda ): 15% reduction in paper consumption & costs- recycled paper is the way to go! 20% reduction in water consumption & costs. 30% reduction in energy consumption & costs.

4) Public Image and Increased Sales :

4 ) Public Image and Increased Sales Going green comes with a polished public image. People are more attracted to organizations that “care”; studies show that costumers are more loyal to organizations that regard the environment. A natural effect of positive public image is a guarantee increase in sales. Studies have shown that companies with green initiative, and an even bigger advantage- green products , have seen an increase in their profits.

Quick Tips:

Quick Tips Turn off lights in any room not in use. Dim the lights in hallways which do not have heavy traffic. Switch to recycled office supplies . Recycled pens , recycled furniture , ect . Hold a contest in the office to see which department meets “The Green Standard”

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