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Everything you need to know about having a proper First Aid Kit. So listen up!


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STOCK UP YOUR FIRST AID KIT Everything Your First Aid Kit Needs ✚= Recommended by The American Red Cross :

STOCK UP YOUR FIRST AID KIT Everything Your First Aid Kit Needs ✚ = Recommended by The American Red Cross

Where Do I Keep My First Aid Kit?:

Where Do I Keep My First Aid Kit? In your home and in your car!! * Carry a First Aid Kit in a location where you know that you can find one *It’s also important that you seek out where the First Aid Kits are located at your work

First Aid Kit Manual:

First Aid Kit Manual Manuals can teach you how to treat wounds, bites, sprains, and other common ailments The manual should be studied beforehand, so that, if ever there is an emergency, you can act immediately Everyone with access to a first aid kit should know how to properly handle its contents ✚1 First Aid Kit manual


Tweezers Useful for removing debris from skin and wounds Dirt Splinters Glass Etc. Can remove stingers from bee stings ✚1 pair

Alcohol Swabs:

Alcohol Swabs Used to clean wounds before applying antibiotic ointment Can sterilize tweezers if necessary ✚5 wipes

Antibiotic Ointment:

Antibiotic Ointment Can be administered for many types of conditions Helps keep infections out of wounds Should be administered after applying alcohol swabs ✚5 ointment packets


Bandages Adhesive bandages of all sizes are an absolute MUST! A box of assorted bandages are helpful It’s handy to keep a few extra regular sized bandages, because they are used more often than small and large sized bandages ✚25 adhesive bandages

Gauze Pads:

Gauze Pads Adhesive bandages don’t always guarantee full coverage, which is why it’s important that your First Aid Kit is also stocked up on gauze pads Gauze pads can be fashioned into a bandage to absorb blood Gauze pads come in many different sizes, so, like adhesive bandages, it’s important your kit offers an assortment of sizes ✚5 sterile gauze pads 3x3 ✚5 sterile gauze pads 4x4

Medical Tape:

Medical Tape Secures gauze pads to the skin when they are being used as bandages Medical tape is designed so that it won’t leave residue behind and usually comes in a long roll ✚1 roll of medical tape

Elastic Bandage:

Elastic Bandage Keep sprained joints immobile to help reduce swelling Elastic bandages are fastened by either metal fasteners or a hook and loop design Elastic bandages can secure knees, wrists and elbows until a visit to the doctor is arranged ✚ 1 elastic bandage


Scissors To cut the medical tape or an elastic cloth bandage To get yourself out of a potential sticky situation… Scissors come in handy when stuck in a multitude of random, unanticipated situations ✚1 pair of scissors

Pain Reliever:

Pain Reliever Aspirin and non-Aspirin pain relievers should be available in your kit at all times Keep pain relievers for kids in your kit as well These are useful for treating a deep wound, or for alleviating aches ✚2 packets of aspirin (81 mg each)

Instant Cold Pack:

Instant Cold Pack Many doctors insist on icing wounds to alleviate swelling Instant cold packs are perfect for First Aid Kits because they don’t require refrigeration They only become cold once the seal is broken They are for one-time use only They are to be disposed after the first and final use ✚1 instant cold compress


Flashlight It’s important to have a flashlight readily available in your kit You never know when you might have to clean up a wound in the middle of the night Wounds are more likely to happen when it’s dark out, because hazardous objects are less visible and therefore, more likely to cause harm ✚1 flashlight

Non-Latex Gloves:

Non-Latex Gloves You never know when you’re going to need to clean out a dirty wound Caretakers should wear latex gloves to prevent the transmission of infection from the injured Non-latex gloves are preferred, since you never know who might be allergic to latex ✚2 pairs of non-latex gloves


Blankets To prevent hypothermia, or to keep from catching a cold at night, a blanket is very useful to have on hand ✚1 blanket

No-No To Expired Materials:

No-No To Expired Materials Make sure that you check your First Aid Kit regularly, updating and resupplying your kit with new prescriptions, tossing out old, expired medicines, and checking the relevancy of all items in your kit

PowerPoint Presentation:

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