How Small Business Operate


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Take a deeper look into how small businesses operate as well as learn the to start your own business.


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How Small Businesses Operate:

Learn To Get Started How Small Businesses Operate

The Number One Reason :

67% Personal passion 21% A way to pay the bills 8% In between jobs The Number One Reason

quick Statistics :

Businesses spend 14 hours a week conducting everything related to business service. 6 hours a week are spent attracting and retaining customers. 5 hours are spent on communication- phone calls, emails, text messages. 3 hours on managing finances Only 3 hours are dedicated to Web Marketing. This includes social media, company website, and blogs. 2 hours are spent on contact manage and 2 hours are spent on employee management such as recruiting and hiring. q uick Statistics

Time spent a week managing a business:

21 hours are spent in the office - keeping organized, such as utilizing various desk supplies is key to higher productivity! 12 hours are spent managing the business “On the go” Time spent a week managing a business

Where work is done :

Where work is done

How to get started:

Think about starting a business? Number one question. Do you know enough about the industry you are going into? For example: if you are going into the business of selling office supplies look into who are the major competitors? What products are they offering? What is their branding campaign? How to get started

10 Steps to starting a business:

1) Write a Business Plan 2) Get business assistance and training 3) Chose a business location 4) Finance your business 5) Determine the legal structure of your business 6) Register a business name 7) Get a tax identification number 8) Register for space and local taxes 9) Obtain business licenses and permits 10 Steps to starting a business

Continued.. :

10) Lease an office space & go shopping! When you start purchasing the supplies your business needs first and foremost MAKE A LIST. Here is a list of the basics: Copy Paper Ball pens , Pencils , & Markers File cabinets for organization and storage Presentation boards Electronics and Technical Supplies Continued..

About the author :

About the author Shoplet is the leading purely online office supply retailer. Founded in 1994, Shoplet is one of the original e-marketplaces . Our specialties include office supplies , Ink and Toner Supplies , and Cleaning and Maintenance Equipment.

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