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My Friends and what they mean to my life


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My book of open roads : 

My book of open roads With a friend or two that I met along the way

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The motorcycle has provided me a means of exploring this world of Iron, Oil, Chrome and Asphalt. The stops along the way have provided me with friends that I could never have met otherwise, and let me touch their hearts as they have touched mine.

Open Roads and Thunder : 

Open Roads and Thunder You don’t notice the ringing in your ears if you are with friends. It doesn’t matter if the beer isn’t quite cold, if the laughter goes with it. It does matter that you let the road answer the questions that your heart is searching for.

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From all sorts of places and all types of backgrounds, we come together with the one thing that binds us…. The love of freedom, open road and wind on our faces. Sunny days, cool nights, the road calls to us to join it for the promise of the journey that this life offers.

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And the friends that we make along the way are bound by the anticipation of the next ride together. All the life and troubles in between those times goes away, and maybe the answer is found to some of those questions, if we just listen to the road. It hears, it answers.

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And it’s not all about the image we want others to see. They see what they want. Friends see what is inside, by your word, your actions and the character you display, when there is a fight. It’s about having somebody next to you on your journey

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You may find your friend at the top of the world…. Or the highest mountain You may find them in a place least expected and find the healing that you are looking for You may find them and realize that this is the rest of your life. And you may search until that day, you find the one special place in your heart is complete, and that is all there is, Because, there is nothing more to search for.

And damn ! Didn’t we have fun ! : 

And damn ! Didn’t we have fun ! Through all of the rides, the board meetings, the “lets go over to my house” times. We all made memories that will last a lifetime. And friends that will remember a lifetime.

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No matter where there was a gathering, we were one with the same purpose. We are one in Soul, We are one in our love of Freedom, and We are one in our Connection to Iron, Thunder and Mechanical Expression.

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And sometimes the colors of the memories wash away, but are still there just the same…. Waiting to be refreshed and re-colored with the next time we meet.

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It’s also about being comfortable with each other. It’s about being able to tear down our inner walls. It’s about having fun, with each other and together. It’s about being together to reaffirm our trust.

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This was Fun at the Outlaw This was fun at Crazy Jacks And this was fun at the Hideout And this was really fun at Shiner

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And a Good Friend will be there for you when you Crash and BURN !

So this is for all my friends : 

So this is for all my friends Here is to more Good times, Memories, Rides, Sunburns, Sore Asses, more Beers, Laughter, Jokes, Dancing, Music, Highways, Bikes, New Places, New Friends and Love…… Peace Out , Brothers and Sisters………

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