A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Content Format for Link Building

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A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Content Format for Link Building Strategy:

A Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Content Format for Link Building Strategy The key to doing link building in a right way is to figure out which backlinks you require merely. Various elements can affect the accomplishment of your link-building campaign. The content formatting is used to link building strategy properly. There are several types of link building strategy available like interactive, statics, GIF and also Long form content too.

Interactive approach:

Interactive approach Interactive contents are considered as one of the popular formats in recent times. An interactive piece allows the user to reveal various perspectives by interacting. By asking the users a few questions, you can present them with surely the information that caters to their specific needs. The user can merely dive into various parts of the content and then find data and information relevant to them. With the help of interactive strategy, you will be able to target a lot of different people from the outreach perspective. Interactive content can reveal some useful data and information about the customers as well. If your content amuses the readers, they are more probably to spend time engaging with this and may even share it on social media and that will surely assist your rankings in search engines.

Statics are important :

Statics are important In a link building strategy, using the static format like infographic (a series of images) or any single image would be absolutely great. Infographic has been used a lot, and the search engine optimization specialists want to create the links using them. There are multiple advantages available using the static format. You can only upload the static graphic in a website along with the basis availability to the CMS (content management system) with publishing rights. And it means that you are not dependent on the clients or developers to get the content piece live.

Go for the GIFs :

Go for the GIFs GIFs have had a renaissance in the last few years. And when it comes to content-driven link building strategy, GIFs have done their work. GIF is primarily considered as an excellent ground between the static graphics and an interactive format. You can merely accomplish some of the effects of interactive format but without a development time. One of the essential facts about GIF is that it is also quite interactive and allows the user to understand the entire scenario in a second. With the help of a GIF, you can put your thoughts in front of your audience quickly. And uploading a GIF is also easy on a customer’s blog page and social page as well.

Long-form content :

Long-form content The long-term content is not used so much in recent times as this is the time of visual impact and flashiness of the interactive pieces or an infographic. And the long-term content is not able to get in-depth details and links, and it is not somewhere great to bring a lot of traffic as well. But one of the interesting facts about the long-term content is that you can just use it for the long time period. You can only cover an extensive range of topics within a long-form piece.

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