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Group Discussion :

Group Discussion Shikha Arora

What is Group Discussion :

What is Group Discussion A Group Discussion is where group of people come together put their point of views on a given topic for different reasons and try to arrive at a consensus/conclusion within limited time period.

Features :

Features A form of Conversation Different from a Debate No interference from the Examiner Discussion revolves around a given topic Cordial & friendly atmosphere

Procedure :

Procedure Number of candidates ( 10-12 candidate) Time allotted ( 15-20 min) Assignment of serial numbers Wearing the Number Tag Initiation of the Discussion Sitting Arrangement Selection of Topics Group Leader

What is Judged in Group Discussion:

What is Judged in Group Discussion Content Communication Group Behavior Leadership

PowerPoint Presentation:

Social Awareness Case Based Current Affair Abstract

How To Be Successful In a :

How To Be Successful In a Decide your Strategy Mind your language & Behavior Be a Good Listener Don’t Make Fun of other Participants Support your Argument with Valid Reasons Take Criticism Positively and Hold on to Your Temper Make Maximum Contribution Show Leadership & Coordinating Ability

How to:

How to Framework Stakeholder Analysis Keyword Approach PESTLE Approach ( Political , Economical, Social , Technical , Legal and Environmental )

PowerPoint Presentation:

Keep to the point Give valid reasons if you disagree Look at all the members of the group while making your comments. Make proper gesticulation. Speak with clarity so that everyone can hear you and understand you. Listen to other participants patiently.


Don’t interrupt a participant until he has finished his argument , but always find a way to make yourself visible. Don’t be shy or nervous. A group discussion is a meeting of equals. Don’t become emotional and start criticizing other participants without first offering valid arguments to support your viewpoint. Try to convince as many participants as possible to your line of argument.

PowerPoint Presentation:

Don’t make fun of any participant even if his argument is wrong Be polite and courteous throughout and say, “you are welcome”, “thank you for your comments”, please go ahead” and so on. Don’t be frivolous. Be serious. Readily accept the good points of an argument put forward by the other participants. If you find that the other person has a good point, say so and accept it.


Give others a chance to speak too, otherwise the discussion will become meaningless. Don’t change your stand until the other participants are able to convince you. Once you are convinced, give in gracefully. Be friendly. Keep cool and accept criticism with a smile.

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