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Shihezi Medical University is standard not just for the MBBS course in China however additionally for the PG degree programs. Among all the International students, most are from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to study MBBS degree course in China.


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Shihezi University MBBS – Why Indian Students Should Choose Shihezi University for Their MBBS Study MBBS is one of the most popular medical programs that allow Indian students to graduate as an eligible medical professional with a career that is promising enough for their future. Most graduates of the MBBS program will usually work with reputable medical institutions that are available throughout India as well as overseas. For the choice of the MBBS education the Ministry of Education in India already released the list of reputable universities that Indian students can apply to. In China Shihezi University MBBS program is one of the top recommended universities for Indian students to earn their MBBS degree. If you are an Indian student aspiring to study MBBS at one of Chinas best medical universities you may face a lot of difficult choices in your plan for the future. What university should you choose for your MBBS study Why should you choose Shihezi University instead of other available universities in China There are various reasons why Shihezi University is the best choice for Indian students who want to start their MBBS study.

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First of all you pay lower tuition fees during your education program in this university. This is the biggest concern for most medical students out there. Tuition fees are high and many students often cannot afford to pay the fees for their medical study. But at Shihezi University you pay lower tuition fees for your study even when compared to top medical universities in India. Moreover it has included the hostel fees for the students meaning that you dont need to think about where to live during your study in China. Second Shihezi University is recognized by MCI and WHO as an eligible university for medical professionals with high quality medical education. It means that this is not some shady medical schools with graduates that are not trusted by the reputable medical institutions. This university really delivers the best quality in their medical education programs as well as providing the best quality of graduates each year. All graduates of Shihezi University are recognized as reputable medical professionals especially in India. Third Shihezi University is considered one of the key universities in China. It means that in its own country this university is considered one of the top medical universities that are available in the country. This university has long-term student exchange programs with other reputable universities in various other countries such as Russia Japan South Korea Australia USA and others.

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