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slide 1: Phone Fraud Detection Identify spoofed calls in 2 seconds Our fraud detection platform flags suspicious callers with 3 easy-to-read fraud levels Low Medium and High. We detect all forms of call spoofing and provide an accurate analysis within 2 seconds of each call. Our warnings allow agents to handle all callers appropriately based on their fraud threat. If a caller is certified Low threat level agents can stick to normal authentication protocol. If callers are Medium or High risk they can ask additional security questions. Next Caller is your first line of defense against phone fraud. Your clients information is vulnerable Call spoofing is the leading contributor to the rising increase in phone fraud primarily because of how easy and effective it has become. There are even apps such as SpoofCard intended for prank calling that allow anyone regardless of technical expertise to mask their caller ID and easily spoof your call center. This act of spoofing is completely undetectable by your agents because their caller ID tools cannot differentiate between calls from the physical device that owns the number and a device that has spoofed the number. Identity thieves are extremely resourceful. Heres how they compromise accounts: Step 1 An identity thief obtains a targets phone number and address. This is done through several methods but rifling through garbage is the simplest way. Step 2 The thief identifies which businesses the target uses. After identifying a name and address from the garbage a thief can simply peek into a mailbox to get everything he or she needs to know. Step 3 The thief calls your business and spoofs the phone number obtained from the discarded email. By using any of the free accessible and untraceable methods like SpoofCard the account information of the victim will appear on the agents screen. Step 4 The thief only has to convince the agent that he or she is the account holder by verifying the information on the screen. Since most institutions ask for name address or elementary school name a quick Google search is all the thief needs to complete the hack if the discarded email wasnt enough by itself. Because it is the agents job to assist the caller he or she will naturally try to help the caller access the account. If the thief was unable to trick your first agent they will keep calling to gather tiny bits of data. Through a little brute force a thief can compromise your companys security.

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Step 5 The thiefs work is done but its just getting started for your business. You now need to cover/undo the damage and inform your valued client that his or her account was compromised. Rest assured the identity thief will use the account information leaked at your company to hack into your clients accounts at other institutions. Unfortunately its that easy. For pennies per call and a very simple API integration you can prevent all of this from happening How it works Our Fraud API TM requires no software or hardware and installation for most clients is same-day. After we perform a deep analysis of the call we simply output the callers fraud level via our Fraud API . Output Low An output of "Low" means we can certify that the caller is calling from the device that owns the number and nothing out of the ordinary is happening. Agents can proceed with the standard authentication of your business. Medium An output of "Medium" means we cannot certify the identity of the caller and that spoofing may be occurring. We also flag disposable phones as Medium when detectable because the vast majority of phone fraud occurs via disposable phones. Your company needs to be more vigilant with Medium threat callers so we recommend you ask an additional security question. High The output of "High" means that we are certain the caller is deliberately masking his or her caller ID or has been flagged as "high risk" by our network for a number of other factors. We strongly advise you ask these callers two additional security questions. We also recommend that you DO NOT pass these callers through any automated system especially for services like new card activation. Non-malicious spoof does occur albeit rarely but we recommend you treat all these callers with caution. Go ahead try to spoof us Let your best engineers try to fool our platform. The system will ID each inbound caller as Low Medium or High risk. 1-877-351-7827 Impressed so far It gets better. Our Fraud API is not only simple to implement its also affordable. For pennies per call no setup maintenance or any other fees you can dramatically reduce phone fraud at your company. Pricing is based on volume so fill out the form below to learn more and check off one more problem from your call centers list. Not sure if spoofing is hurting your business Well perform a free security audit detailing your highest vulnerabilities

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and discuss how exactly we are able to compromise your existing security protocols. A mutual non-disclosure and audit authorization agreement is required before proceeding.

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