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Learn how to access HUC databases and resources from home.


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JSP Jewish Studies Portal

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It’s 1 a.m. … the world is asleep …

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except for Plony and Plonit

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They are frantically finishing their HUC research papers

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They need articles and texts … But the library is closed and the librarians are asleep z z z z zzzZ Z Z ZZ ZZZ

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The Light Dawns! They remembered that they had set up the Jewish Studies Portal

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It’s JSP to the rescue!

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Just that morning, they had contacted their local HUC IT person to get their login. TJ Williams (NY) (twilliam@huc.edu) Mark Jennings (Cin) (mjennings@huc.edu) Jen Plante (LA) (jplante@huc.edu) John Bruggeman (Jer) (jbruggeman@huc.edu) Help! Sure! I.T. in a box ;-)

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They had gone to http://jsp.huc.edu and logged in pbenplony **********

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They saw lots of great resources …

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But Wait! Since this was their first time using JSP on their computer, they had to download the program that runs it. Click here or here

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TJ Williams (NY) (twilliam@huc.edu) Mark Jennings (Cin) (mjennings@huc.edu) Jen Plante (LA) (jplante@huc.edu) John Bruggeman (Jer) (jbruggeman@huc.edu) Once again, the friendly HUC IT folks, were happy to help with questions about loading the program. Call us! e-mail us! send us a post card!

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Hurray! Time to get started!

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There are lots of search options BibleWorks 6

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DavkaWriter 5 DavkaWriter lets you do word processing in both Hebrew and English. Different versions of DavkaWriter do not speak to each other – i.e. You can’t open a DW5 document in a later or earlier version

Encyclopaedia Judaica : 

Encyclopaedia Judaica CD-ROM based on the 1974 EJ

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Plonit remembered to ask her local librarian for the login and password. Encyclopaedia Judaica 2007

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Judaic Classics In English or Hebrew Pick your texts to search

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Electronic Journals & Articles HUH? HUH?

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This is the place to go if you are looking for Articles in Journals or Essays in Books ATLA contains many full text scholarly articles. Index to Jewish Periodicals contains citations to many popular magazines

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Responsa Project Responsa, Yes, but so much more! Tanakh! Midrash Talmud Commentaries

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Dead Sea Scrolls

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The Jewish Studies Portal gives you all this and … Printing! Saving to your computer

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Plonit and Plony are thrilled! They find everything they need – They get “A”s on their papers They send their IT maven and their librarian flowers

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