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Reviews 4 major types of literary conflicts using song lyrics


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Conflict : 


What is conflict? : 

What is conflict? External Man v. Man Man v. Nature Man v. Society Man v. Technology Internal Man v Self

Man v Man : 

Man v Man Two characters have an issue/problem What issue do the characters have in this video? What exactly makes the issue a problem between two characters and not a problem with society?

Man v Nature : 

Man v Nature A character has a problem with nature Although there are a variety of minor conflicts in this piece, why is man v. nature the main or overarching conflict?

Man v Society : 

Man v Society A character has a problem with something or someone that represents a community or the community’s ideals What aspect of society is the narrator fighting in this song?

Man v Technology : 

Man v Technology A character has a problem or issue with machines or advanced science\ I couldn’t find a song for this one. First one to come with school appropriate lyrics for man v. technology will receive extra credit

Man v Self : 

Man v Self A character is struggling with a personal problem…they might be trying to decide whether or not to do something or they may be fighting an emotion. Although the artist in this piece talks about social issues, it is a man v self conflict. Why?

Your Assignment : 

Your Assignment Get into your novel groups Look at the song lyrics that I have given you Decide the major conflict in each piece. Write down the title of each song, the type of conflict, and lyrics to support the conflict type The winning group will receive a prize!

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