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Wholesome Leadership Dr. Shekhawat S. Bhartiy MBBS, MD Surveillance Medical Officer NPSP – WHO India :

Wholesome Leadership Dr. Shekhawat S. Bhartiy MBBS, MD Surveillance Medical Officer NPSP – WHO India The way of healthy working environment …


What is WHOLESOME LEADERSHIP? Wholesome Leadership (WL) is leadership which comes from a deep connection to the heart , and also exhibits skills in action. This gives a leader the courage to have a large and ethical vision.


WHOLESOME LEADERSHIP… WL allows to enable others to act because: they see the latent power and beauty hidden in each person. It helps them: be appreciative and encouraging the unfolding of sprit.

How can Organizations incorporate this?:

How can Organizations incorporate this? Walk the talk and create a thought field of WL in their organizations .

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How can Organizations achieve the goal of INNOVATION through WL?

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Organizations can achieve the goal of INNOVATION through: Tapping into the Reserves Of Consciousness and Creative Intelligence in an organization. ……. WL does this precisely.

Benefits of WL……..:

Benefits of WL…….. WL provides the ENGINE of Value Innovation. WL helps build the Organization Brand and employee brand. It also creates a Sustainable Pipeline of leadership talent that can steer the organization through Turbulent Times.

Negative repercussion of WL:

Negative repercussion of WL When people are in touch with their deepest awareness, they may discover their True Life Purpose. This may lead to Change In Carrier choices. HR must be ready with a carrier planning process: to ensure that a developed “WL” is indeed given the opportunity to flourish entrepreneurially within an organization.

The Practicalities of Acquiring WL Skills::

The Practicalities of Acquiring WL Skills: You can Understand: Your Personality Type , The way you operate, Your Personal & Professional Strength And Weaknesses . You will gain a clearer understanding of: How you operate, How others see you, and How they operate or could be developed. Make better use of Mass Media. The media are very effectively conveying to the public either positive or negative health massages.

The Practicalities of Acquiring WL Skills:…:

The Practicalities of Acquiring WL Skills:… Know and respect your partners: both within and outside your organization. Be confident about: Your public health skills, Competencies, Attitudes Your Understanding Of The Local Scene, Not only its demography and epidemiology but also its key players, culture, politics, and its priorities outside health. Its means acquiring and maintaining a high standard of professional practice.

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Leadership that “Happens” from this loving, sacred and creative space of wholesomeness is “Wholesome Leadership” ._.-._.-._.-._. THANK YOU

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