8Ways To Make Your RV Feel Like Home

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8 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home:

8 Ways to Make Your RV Feel Like Home Mighway’s Campervan And Motorhome

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You bought your RV to be your ‘home away from home, so if you don’t feel comfortable within it, it isn’t living up to its potential. Don’t think that you need to do a full RV renovation to make your home on wheels feel comfortable and inviting. Here are five simple ways to create a cozy RV living space.

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Plants There is something about adding plants to your RV that will instantly make it feel more warm and inviting. In addition, plants will help purify the air inside your RV, keeping it clean and fresh. And don’t forget the herbs. For the foodie in everyone, there’s nothing like adding fresh basil or rosemary to your favorite on the road recipe . Hang Decor A quick way to warm up any area is with wall decorations. Anything from paintings to photos to inspiring quotes will make your RV feel much more welcoming. If you’re worried about your travel trailer’s walls, then there are numerous types of hooks and putties which hold securely to any flat surface and can be removed in seconds without leaving marks. You can get other tips with RV Rentals in Orlando .

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Curtains and Window Treatments Don’t neglect the windows either! They take up a lot more wall space in your RV than you probably realize and a few changes here can really make a difference. Update your RV with sleek blinds or curtains in fabric that will coordinate with your overall decor and color scheme.  Lay Down a Rug Laminated wooden floors are beautiful, but sometimes they can feel a little cold, both figuratively and literally. Tossing a nice rug or two down on your RVs floor can help add some texture to its aesthetic and break up the monotony. Rugs add warmth to a room, whether it’s keeping the cold at bay on chilly mornings or the splash of color to brighten the space.

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Add Throw Pillows Cozy alert here! Any area in your RV can be transformed into a cozy nook with a few decorative throw pillows and blankets, whether it is the sofa, a reading chair, bench or your bed. Since most RV interiors are neutral in color, this is a great way to add color and patterns into your decor for instant coziness . Dishes and Glassware Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you have to use paper plates and plastic silverware. Sure it’s convenient…but adding real plates, silverware, glassware and barware (don’t forget the wine glasses) is a great way to personalize your RV and make it feel like home.

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Give it a Paint Job This one might take a little longer than some of the previous suggestions; however, it may very well be worth it once you see what a new color can do for your RV. White can make rooms look bigger than they are, yellow gives an energetic tone, and turquoise is a very tranquil color, but it’s up to you. Think about your own personal taste, then make it happen. You’ll be glad you did . Keep it Neat Once you have your RV looking the way you want it to, make sure to keep it neat and clean. It doesn’t matter how much time you put into designing it’s interior, if your travel trailer is cluttered and dirty, you won’t want to spend any more time in it then you have to.


Conclusion Your home on wheels doesn’t have to feel like you’re camping. Think outside the box and personalize your RV with these easy updates. Just a few simple steps will make your RV almost too enticing to leave. While you’re updating your RV, checkout our list of must-have accessories . Thinking about sharing your cozy campervan with others? Create your listing with Mighway today!

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