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Renting out your RV with our best tips. Most RV owners don’t use their RV every day of the year. Meanwhile, many people want to spend time in an RV but don’t want to buy one. Luckily, these two groups can help one another with peer to peer RV rentals. Mighway leads the industry when it comes to safely renting out your RV, and they make it easy to create a listing. For more information visit our site now.


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RENTING OUT YOUR RV Mighways Campervan and Motorhome

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Renting Out Your RV Follow below tips for creating your Mighway listing.

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Clean your RV inside and out ■ If you’re renting out your RV make sure that you devote plenty of time to cleaning your RV inside and out. ■ You’d find it amazing how many RV owners don’t clean their RVs or remove their possessions before posting their listing. ■ Nobody wants to vacation in a messy RV so for a successful Mighway listing your RV must be spic and span. Don’t miss our tips for Rent an RV in Orlando.

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Describe in detail ■ Potential renters want to know as much as possible about your RV before renting it. Give as much detail as you can. What’s special about your RV Does it have any small problems ■ Be as upfront as possible about the good and the bad. ■ Don’t be afraid to show some personality either A fun backstory can really make the difference when a guest is comparing two similar vehicles.

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■ The more photos the better You know the old saying “a picture is worth a thousand words.” When it comes to your Mighway listing you’ll want to include plenty of photos. Peer to peer RV rentals require trust — renters bet their vacation on someone else’s RV and pictures help establish that trust Think about what you’d want to see if you were renting out your RV and take those pictures. Read our article about taking photos for more tips. ■ Price competitively How much does it cost to rent similar RVs Have you added any extras that warrant a higher rental fee Does your vehicle lack something that may justify a price drop Make sure that you price your RV competitively or potential renters will pass over your listing. If you want to rent your RV during the off-season you may need to lower your price to keep renters interested. Keep in mind events that may increase demand too

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Conclusion ■ These tips will help you make the most of peer to peer RV rentals. They may seem like simple steps but they will make your Mighway listing stand out. ■ If you want to succeed at renting out your RV these tips will make your Mighway listing shine and renters will jump at the opportunity to rent your RV. Don’t waste your time with ineffective listings — stand out and get your RV rented immediately

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