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Find out the best Tips for cleaning campervan. If you own a Campervan that is simply renting one for your next adventure, Mighway is here to help! Check out our tips and advice to get started.


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Tips Are As Follows:

Tips Are As Follows After great vacation your Campervan will probably little dirty and may be need good cleaning. If you don’t clean your Campervan , it may damage or lessen for life of your camping vehicle. One crucial thing to remember about campervan rental cleaning is that the pressure washer is not always a good choice for cleaning your Campervan. The high-pressure water can break the seals and allow water to enter places it shouldn’t, like the interior.

Exterior Cleaning:

Exterior Cleaning Check your owner’s manual or with your dealer to make sure you choose the correct cleaning solutions and brushes. If you use the wrong cleaning materials you may scratch or damage the exterior or seals. All you need to do is shake off the dust and perhaps hose off stronger dirt. Your fabric awnings will likely have taken a lot of sunshine during your trip, which may be beginning to damage them.

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As you clean your Campervan, you may also decide to clean the awnings. Before you start to scrub the fabric awnings, stop! The awnings mainly get dusty and generally do not require a deep cleaning.  The wash and wax you use for your car will likely do a great job of cleaning your Campervan, you might just need a lot more of it! Since your Campervan contains different materials, you will need to verify if you need different Campervan cleaning products for each area.

Interior Cleaning:

Interior Cleaning One of the best Campervan cleaning products is white vinegar. White vinegar has several uses for cleaning your Campervan. If you are ready to clean your washer, add one to two cups of white vinegar to the wash cycle. You can also mix water and white vinegar in a spray bottle and you have a window cleaning solution that will not streak.

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If you have scratches on the wood table in your Campervan. No worries, all you need to do is mix olive oil with white vinegar and wipe the table with the solution and the scratches disappear. If you see water stains on the fixtures, cut a lemon in half and rub the lemon over the stains. The acid from the lemon removes the stains and it is not a harsh cleaner for the inside of your Campervan. Some of the best Campervan cleaning products are not expensive creams and soaps, but household items you will likely already have. 


Conclusion For cleaning your Campervan after great vacation, try these first, and you might just find that cleaning is easier than you thought! After you’ve cleaned your Campervan, you might be planning to put it in storage – but what if you could make money off your Campervan while you’re not using it?

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