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First Day of SchoolClassroom Management : 

Sharon Howard First Day of SchoolClassroom Management

First Day of School : 

First Day of School Hello Students, Welcome To Class!!! Please sit in your assigned seat -This helps me to remember names and face easily

Teacher Induction : 

Teacher Induction My name is Ms. Howard. I have been teaching and working with children for many years. I also have three children of my own, so I have a lot of experience with children.

Student Introduction : 

Student Introduction Ice breaker game - State your name and something you like that start with the same letter as your first name

Class Expectations and Rules : 

Class Expectations and Rules All Students are required to: Respect and support each other Be quiet and Listen when other are speaking Turn all assignments in promptly Raise their hand before speaking or leaving their seat Follow instruction give to them by the teacher or anyone assisting in the classroom.

Learning Centers : 

Learning Centers All students will participate in learning center activities In the learning center, you all will work together as a team to complete assignments and activities

Technology in the Classroom : 

Technology in the Classroom Please do not bring electronics inside the classroom Students are only allowed on the class computer when deemed appropriate by me. Computers are to be treated with care. If computers are damaged, students will lose their privilege to use the computers

Classroom Responsibilities : 

Classroom Responsibilities Responsibilities will be given out by the instructor each week Student maybe responsible for sharpening pencil for the class Looking after the class pet Making sure the computer area is clean Handing out or collecting assignments

Closing Remarks : 

Closing Remarks Let’s have wonderful and productive school year!!!!!

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