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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 1 ADM-211 Practice Test ADM-211 is Salesforce Advanced Administrator– Certification offered by the Salesforce. Since you want to comprehend the ADM-211 Question Bank I am assuming you are already in the manner of preparation for your ADM-211 Certification Exam. To prepare for the actual exam all you need is to study the content of this exam questions. You can recognize the weak area with our premium ADM-211 practice exams and help you to provide more focus on each syllabus topic covered. This method will help you to increase your confidence to pass the Salesforce Advanced Administrator certification with a better score.

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 2 ADM-211 Exam Details Exam Name Salesforce Advanced Administrator Exam Code ADM-211 Exam Price Registration fee: 200 USD Retake fee: 100 USD Duration 105 minutes Number of Questions 60 Passing Score 65 Recommended Training / Books Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins ADM 211 Certification Preparation for Advanced Administrator CRT 211 Administration Essentials for Experienced Admins in Lightning Exp Extended ADX-211E Schedule Exam PEARSON VUE Sample Questions Salesforce ADM-211 Sample Questions Recommended Practice Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator Practice Test

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 3 ADM-211 Exam Syllabus Section Objectives Weight Security and Access - Given a scenario determine the implications to record and field data access Sharing model controlled by parent grant access by hierarchies profile vs. sharing rules communities’ security settings field and record level access sharing rules field level security and record types. - Describe the capabilities of Enterprise Territory Management and the implications for the sharing model. - Compare and contrast the capabilities of custom profiles permission sets and delegated administration. 20 Extending Custom Objects and Application s - Describe the appropriate use of relationship types when building custom objects master-detail lookup. 8 Auditing and Monitoring - Given a scenario determine the appropriate tools for monitoring and troubleshooting system activity debug log set up audit trail. 6 Sales Cloud Application s - Explain how to customize and maintain products price books schedules and quotes. - Describe the capabilities of forecasting categories hierarchy quotas. 10 Service Cloud Application s - Explain how to create and maintain Salesforce Knowledge Article Record Types data categories. - Explain how to create and maintain service entitlements and entitlement processes. - Describe the features of Salesforce which enable interaction between support agents and customers Chat Case Feed Service Cloud Console communities Omni-Channel. 10 Data Manageme nt - Explain the tools and best practices for improving and enriching data quality validation managing duplicates enriching archiving. 10 Content Manageme nt - Explain how to set up and maintain Salesforce Content. 3

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 4 Change Manageme nt - Describe the options available to move metadata between environments change sets Salesforce extensions for Visual Studio Code. - Describe the capabilities and best practices for using change sets to move metadata between environments. 10 Analytics Reports and Dashboard s - Given a scenario determine the appropriate analytic tools to meet complex reporting requirements custom report types reporting snapshots complex charting custom summary formulas bucketing joined reports cross filters dynamic dashboards dashboard filters. 10 Process Automation - Given a scenario troubleshoot an approved process. - Given a complex scenario determine the solution using a combination of automation tools to solve a business problem Process Automation formula fields and when to use Visualforce and Apex triggers. 13

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 5 ADM-211 Questions and Answers Set 01. Sales representatives are reporting trouble syncing quotes with their related opportunities. What is a possible explanation for this problem Choose two answers a The attached currency is no longer active. b The quote contains an archived list price. c The quote is attached to a closed opportunity. d The user does not have Edit permissions on the quote. Answer: a b 02. Universal Containers has a custom field on its contact record called Salary that is hidden for all profiles except the System Administrator. The Administrator has been asked to grant Read-Only access to the Salary field to the recruiters and assistants. The recruiters and assistants currently have two different profiles. How can the Administrator meet this requirement Choose two answers a Change the access levels in the Recruiter and Assistant profiles to Read-Only for the Salary field. b Create a sharing rule for the Contact object using criteria-based sharing on the Salary field. c Create a permission set with Read-Only access to the Salary field and assign it to the assistant and recruiter users. d Create a new profile for the assistants and recruiters and reassign these users to the new profile. Answer: a c

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 6 03. What settings can you configure on a profile a Revoke sharing permissions b Enable record types c Enable read create edit and delete on objects d Specify language Answer: a 04. Universal Containers has a requirement to report on opportunities where the probability has dropped beneath 50. The Administrator has created a custom checkbox as a way to identify these records. What else should the Administrator do to meet this requirement a Enable field history tracking on the field and include the history in the report filter. b Create an approval process that submits the opportunity for approval when the custom checkbox is true. c Create a workflow rule that updates the field when the probability drops below 50. d Build a validation rule that displays an error when the user enters the probability at less than 50. Answer: c

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 7 05. Which of the following are true about opportunity pipeline and forecast reporting except a Pipeline reports may include omitted opportunities from the forecast. b Forecasts may be overridden. c Pipeline reports may be overridden. d Opportunity stages may be used to determine the forecast category of an opportunity. Answer: d 06. How do you autopopulate the city picklist values based on the state selected a Dependent Picklist b Validation Rules c Workflows d Duplicate Rule Answer: a

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 8 07. How can Eric Cordell become the owner of a lead record he did not create a By accepting the record from a queue b By being above the current owner of the record in the role hierarchy c By already being a record owner d By having someone share the record with him e By having Modify All Data permission Answer: b 08. A developer needs to create a trending report. What should he/she use to get the historical data a Reports b Reporting snapshots c Roll-up summary d Report types e Audit history records Answer: b

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Salesforce Certified Advanced Administrator 9 09. An Administrator has been asked to create a new field called Region Code on the Opportunity object. This field should only be visible to users with the Outside Sales Manager and System Administrator profiles and editable by users with the System Administrator and Manager profiles. How should the Administrator ensure this field is accessible to only these users a Edit the field-level security on the Region Code field for these three profiles. b Create a new record type and page layout for the Opportunity object for these three profiles. c Edit the role hierarchy and move the Outside Sales and Manager roles lower in the hierarchy d Create a new page layout for the Opportunity object for these three profiles. Answer: a 10. The sales manager at Universal Containers wants to see all opportunities that do not have any activities. Which report type could be used to meet this requirement Choose two answers a A custom report type with Opportunity as the primary object and Activity as the secondary object. b An Opportunity report with a cross-object filter of opportunities without activities. c A joined report using an opportunity report in Block A a task and event report filtered by tasks for Block B. d A standard Opportunity report filtered where the field Last Activity is blank. Answer: b d

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