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Click Here--- ---Get complete detail on 1Y0-341 exam guide to crack Citrix ADC. You can collect all information on 1Y0-341 tutorial, practice test, books, study material, exam questions, and syllabus. Firm your knowledge on Citrix ADC and get ready to crack 1Y0-341 certification. Explore all information on 1Y0-341 exam with number of questions, passing percentage and time duration to complete test.


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How to Prepare for Citrix CCP-N 1Y0-341 Certification Citrix 1Y0-341 Certification Made Easy with

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1Y0-341 CCP-N Certification Details Exam Code 1Y0-341 Full Exam Name Citrix ADC Advanced Topics - Security Management and Optimization No. of Questions 69 Online Practice Exam Citrix Certified Professional - Networking CCP-N Practice Test Sample Questions Citrix 1Y0-341 Sample Questions Passing Score 66 Time Limit 75 minutes Exam Fees 300 USD Become successful with

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Citrix 1Y0-341 Study Guide • Perform enough practice with with related CCP-N certification on • Understand the Exam Topics very well. • Identify your weak areas from practice test and do more practice with Become successful with

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CCP-N Certification Syllabus Syllabus Topics ● Introducing Citrix Web App Firewall ● Authentication using OAuth and OpenID ● Citrix Web App Firewall Profiles and Policies ● Introduction and Configuration of Citrix Application Delivery Management ● Implementing Citrix Web App Firewall Protections ● Managing and Monitoring Citrix ADC Instances ● Additional Citrix Web App Firewall Protections ● Managing Citrix ADC Configurations ● Monitoring and Troubleshooting Citrix Web App Firewall ● Integrated Caching ● Citrix ADC Security and Filtering ● Front End Optimization ● Authentication using Security Assertion Markup Language SAML ● Performance Tuning and Other Optimizations Become successful with

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CCP-N Training Details Training: CNS-320: Citrix ADC 12.x Advanced Concepts - Security Management and Optimization Become successful with

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Citrix 1Y0-341 Sample Questions Become successful with

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Que.01: Which logging does an engineer need to enable as a pre -requisite to geolocation - based logging Options: a CEF Common Even Format b Syslog c Audit d AppFlow Become successful with

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Answer a CEF Common Even Format Become successful with

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Que.02: Which two response headers are added by Application Firewall Choose two. Options: a Transfer-Encoding b Accept-Language c Accept-Encoding d Set-Cookie e Range Become successful with

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Answer a Transfer- Encoding d Set-Cookie Become successful with

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Que.03: Which reason can cause fail over in a Citrix ADC Application Delivery Management High Availability pair Options: a A secondary server loses connectivity in the LAN. b The engineer manually forces the secondary server to shut down. c A primary server encounters a critical software issue. d A primary server does NOT receive the SNMP traps from the instances connected. Become successful with

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Answer c A primary server encounters a critical software issue. Become successful with

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Que.04: A Citrix Engineer needs to create an Citrix Web App Firewall Profile. Which statement is applicable when using Signatures for creating an Citrix Web App Firewall Profile Options: a No Signatures are bound to the profile. b No Custom Signatures can be used. c Only external format Signatures can be used. d The Default Signatures are bound to the profile. Become successful with

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Answer a No Signatures are bound to the profile. Become successful with

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Que.05: Which option matches the following regular expression r.n 10\.10\.0\.. Options: a run b run c RUN d r.n Become successful with

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Answer b run Become successful with

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Citrix CCP-N Certification Guide • The Citrix Certification is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees. • Try our CCP-N mock test. Become successful with

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More Info on Citrix Certification Visit Become successful with

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