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Click Here--- ---Get complete detail on CLF-C01 exam guide to crack Cloud Practitioner. You can collect all information on CLF-C01 tutorial, practice test, books, study material, exam questions, and syllabus. Firm your knowledge on Cloud Practitioner and get ready to crack CLF-C01 certification. Explore all information on CLF-C01 exam with number of questions, passing percentage and time duration to complete test.


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How to Prepare for AWS Cloud Practitioner CLF-C01 Certification AWS CLF-C01 Certification Made Easy with

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CLF-C01 Cloud Practitioner Certification Details Exam Code CLF-C01 Full Exam Name AWS Cloud Practitioner No. of Questions 50 Online Practice Exam AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner Practice Test Sample Questions AWS CLF-C01 Sample Questions Passing Score 700 / 1000 Time Limit 90 minutes Exam Fees 100 USD Become successful with

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AWS CLF-C01 Study Guide • Perform enough practice with with related Cloud Practitioner certification on • Understand the Exam Topics very well. • Identify your weak areas from practice test and do more practice with Become successful with

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Cloud Practitioner Certification Syllabus Syllabus Topics Weight Cloud Concepts 26 Security and Compliance 25 Technology 33 Billing and Pricing 16 Become successful with

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Cloud Practitioner Training Details Training: AWS Cloud Practitioner Essentials 2nd Edition Become successful with

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AWS CLF-C01 Sample Questions Become successful with

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Que.01: Which AWS offering enables customers to find buy and immediately start using software solutions in their AWS environment Options: a AWSConfig b AWSOpsWorks c AWSSDK d AWSMarketplace Become successful with

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Answer d AWS Marketplace Become successful with

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Que.02: Which AWS service would simplify migration of a database to AWS Options: a AWSStorage Gateway b AWSDatabase Migration Service AWSDMS c Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon EC2 d Amazon AppStream 2.0 Become successful with

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Answer b AWS Database Migration Service AWS DMS Become successful with

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Que.03: Why is AWS more economical than traditional data centers for applications with varying compute workloads Options: a Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon EC2 costs are billed on a monthly basis. b Customers retain full administrative access to their Amazon EC2 instances. c Amazon EC2 instances can be launched on-demand when needed. d Customers can permanently run enough instances to handle peak workloads. Become successful with

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Answer c Amazon EC2 instances can be launched on-demand when needed. Become successful with

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Que.04: Which service can identify the user that made the API call when an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud Amazon EC2 instance is terminated Options: a Amazon CloudWatch b AWSCloudTrail c AWSX-Ray d AWSIdentity and Access Management AWSIAM Become successful with

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Answer b AWS CloudTrail Become successful with

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Que.05: Which component of AWS global infrastructure does Amazon CloudFront use to ensure low-latency delivery Options: a AWSRegions b AWSedge locations c AWSAvailability Zones d Amazon Virtual Private Cloud Amazon VPC Become successful with

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Answer b AWS edge locations Become successful with

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AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification Guide • The AWS Certification is increasingly becoming important for the career of employees. • Try our Cloud Practitioner mock test. Become successful with

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More Info on AWS Certification Visit Become successful with

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