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Macron Software: 

Macron Software BBC International Licensing Catalog

BBC Small Kids: 

BBC Small Kids Bob the Builder – Can We Fix It? Bob the Builder – Bob Builds a Park Bob the Builder – Bob‘s Castle Adventure Engie Benjy – Time for Teamwork Fimbles – Fimbling Fun Little Robots – Making Friends Noddy – Let’s get ready for school Yoho Ahoy – All Aboard! Rubbadubbers Pingu – A Barrel of Fun Pingu – Pingu and Friends Teletubbies - Play with the Teletubbies Teletubbies Favourite Games Tweenies – Play to the Music Tweenies – Ready to Play Tweenies – Messy Time Magic Rotten Ralph – Ralph‘s Big Night In Tiny Planets – Heroes of the Universe

Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It?: 

Bob the Builder - Can We Fix It? Platforms: PC Age group: 3-6; 10601 words (1798 words in audio) Description There’s plenty of opportunity to fix all kinds of things in Bob’s first interactive title, whether its rebuilding walls with Muck, knocking down a bridge with Lofty, or plumbing a house. There’s also a great racing game with Travis, Scoop and Dizzy and line dancing with Wendy. Bob even finds time to decorate a cake (with your help) for Wendy’s birthday. Great fun for builders of all ages.

Bob the Builder – Bob Builds a Park: 

Bob the Builder – Bob Builds a Park Platforms: PC Age group: 3-6 ; 17928 words (8933 words in audio) Description 'Bob Builds a Park' combines the appeal of the television series with the fun of an interactive format. Children are encouraged to help Bob and his crew in a host of activities along the way. Shovels to the ready! Time to help Bob and his team with their latest challenge. Join them as they design a park, build a squirrel run and fix the skateboard track for Spud. Create endless exciting park designs adding ponds, band stands and flowers. And then view the park in all the different seasons and print out your design. Skateboard Spud: Fix the broken skateboard with Bob and then help Spud perform amazing tricks and stunts! Mr Ellis' Dinosaur Discovery: Choose to build up to three dinosaur skeletons with Bob and Mr Ellis. Lofty's Squirrel Run: Help Lofty to build a run, so the hungry squirrels can reach their nuts. Bob's Crazy Golf; Help Muck around a maze to collect the pieces he needs to create his golf course. Farmer Pickles' Pets Corner: Help collect food to lure the various animals into their correct homes!

Bob the Builder – Bob‘s Castle Adventure: 

Bob the Builder – Bob‘s Castle Adventure Description Join Bob and his team in 10 great action filled games! Complete fun activities, see clips from the Knights Of Can-A-Lot video, print out a personalised certificate or a scene with Bob, his friends and you! Developed in line with the National Curriculum Foundation Stage. Different skill levels cater for a range of skills and abilities aged 3 upwards. Platforms: PC Age group: 3-6 ; 24774 words (11756 words in audio)

Engie Benjy – Time for Teamwork: 

Engie Benjy – Time for Teamwork Description Explore a world of fun and adventure with Engie Benjy and his team, Dan the Van and Jollop the Dog! Includes 7 great games and activities featuring the characters, vehicles and locations from the CiTV programme. Fix engines for Engie Benjy’s friends, help fish for Fin’s shopping, paint pictures with Dottie or watch video clips from the programme. Developed in line with the Foundation and early stages of Key Stage 1 of the National Curriculum, encouraging young children to develop a wide variety of skills through learning, interaction and creativity. Different skills levels cater for a range of abilities and ages from 2-4. Platforms: PC, Mac Age group: 2+ ; 12466 words (4705 words in audio)

Fimbles – Fimbling Fun!: 

Fimbles – Fimbling Fun! Description Discover a world of fun with the Fimbles and their friends! 5 games to play from objects the Fimbles have found include finding the right items Florrie needs, making a collage, and discovering tunes and songs the Fimbles can play. Print and play with the Fimbles, making invitations, door hangers, cards and more, and Finding games to play at home! Includes many songs, stories, and video clips from the show. Developed in line with the National Curriculum Foundation Stage so children learn through discovery and fun. Different skill levels cater for a range of skills and abilities from ages 2 and up. Platforms: PC Age group: 2-5

Little Robots – Making Friends: 

Little Robots – Making Friends Description The Little Robots are playing a game to decide who makes a new friend for Teddy. In this 2 player game, roll the dice and race around the squares. Some of the squares will let you watch a video clip, or play one of 12 great interactive games. Developed in line with the National Curriculum. Different skill levels cater for a range of ages from 3 to 7. Platforms: PC Age group: 3-7

Noddy – Let’s get ready for school: 

Noddy – Let’s get ready for school Platforms: PC Age group: 3-6 Description Give your child a head start with Noddy and his Toyland friends in this fun activity title. With three skill levels it caters for three to six year olds. By helping Noddy on his ten adventures - whether it's catching chickens, dancing, sledging, playing musical icicles, making ice-cream or re-doing the garage bills - you’ll earn money, which you can then help Noddy spend at the fair. There is also a Report Card which allows you to track your child’s progress and set appropriate levels of difficulty.

Yoho Ahoy – All Aboard!: 

Yoho Ahoy – All Aboard! Description All aboard the Rubber Duck, the smallest pirate galleon on the high seas. Join in the hilarious fun and games with the tiniest motley crew you'll ever see! Give Jones a helping hand as he bounces around on his pogo stick collecting his tools. Meet the Yohos, take part in their activities and view some of your favourite clips - all on this great CD-ROM. Why not create lovely moving pictures with Booty. Shoot as many bubbles as you can with Cutlass and her peashooter. Take part in Grog's musical chairs as Swab plays the fiddle. Platforms: PC Age group: 2-4


Rubbadubbers Description Splish! Splash! Splosh! Here come the Rubbadubbers! Join the bath toys as they come to life in an everyday bathroom and accompany them on their adventures into a fantasy universe where anything can happen. All you have to do is say ‘if only’… Have fun with the Rubbadubbers in the exciting CD-ROM from BBC Multimedia. Based on the popular Cbeebies programme, this interactive CD-ROM has 6 games, some with multi-player options, activities and video clips, taking you on a colourful fantasy adventure. Platforms: PC, Mac Age group: 2-5

Pingu – A Barrel of Fun: 

Pingu – A Barrel of Fun Description Join the world's most famous and best loved penguin and have a barrel of fun with Pingu and his friends! The Pingu CD-ROM is highly interactive, fun and simple to use and will engage children from the moment they start with hours of fun and creativity, learning with friends they know and trust. There are 5 puzzles to choose from: the Colour Puzzle, the Letter Puzzle, the Sound Puzzle, the Number Puzzle and the Shape Puzzle. There are 5 games to choose from: Music Time, Fish Tennis, the Ice Flow game, the Snow Maze and Building Blocks. Make Pingu dance - control Pingu's movements in time to the theme music and choose from 5 screensavers which includes a 'tell the time' screensaver. Platforms: PC Age group: 3-6

Pingu – Pingu and Friends: 

Pingu – Pingu and Friends Platforms: PC Age group: 3-6 Description Children who love everyone's favourite penguin will adore Pingu and Friends. Very young ones will love the package because they can watch one of their favourite characters at work. Children who can master the mouse or keyboard, however, will get much, much more out of the games. Dance with Pingu and his friends, and repeat their sequences to build pattern and sequential reasoning; snowball your friends and improve hand-to-eye co-ordination, aim and fine motor skills (but don't hit the washing or grandma, or you will be in trouble!); improve your memory in 'Pingu Pairs', a kind of ice-age Pelmanism that is graphically superb and a definite highlight of the whole package. One of the best mini-games is 'Snowball Fun', in which you use the mouse to control Pingu and lob snowballs at his friends while avoiding various obstacles such as mum's washing, and your little sister Pinga. It's an excellent way for kids to learn how to use a mouse. Another game, 'Count the Cakes' requires a bit of simple arithmetic to find out how many cakes various characters are allowed. And for all those young Picassos out there, there's an Art Igloo where you can draw your own designs, paint pictures of Pingu and friends, or print off join-the-dots puzzles.

Teletubbies – Play with the Teletubbies: 

Teletubbies – Play with the Teletubbies Description Explore Teletubbyland with this playful CD-ROM. A blend of activities, video sequences and interactive animations will keep children enthralled as they help Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po have fun. All the Teletubby favourites are featured including the magic windmill, voice trumpets, video sequences and the Sun baby. A special cursor in the form of a pink sparkle gives children a strong visual link between the mouse and cursor motions. Three activities are possible inside the Superdome. You can help the Teletubbies make some Tubby Toast or chase the naughty Noo-noo around the Superdome when he steals some of the toast. Alternatively in the Tubby Custard activity you can help the Teletubby you are with create a custardy mess on the floor and luckily Noo-noo is on hand to clean all the custard up. Play hide and seek with the Teletubbies or help them find their favourite things. In the What's That? Activity you can help your Teletubby notice and name objects that appear in Teletubbyland and you are rewarded at the end with a nursery rhyme that relates to the object. Hit the Magic Drum and watch things appear everytime it is hit: flowers, rabbits, clouds, even Teletubbies! There are 3 special events: 1) The Train Event - interacting with the train results in different hooting sounds and scrubbing with the mouse makes the train go faster. 2) The TV Receiver Event - there are 11 short video inserts to watch featuring children from the television series. 3) The Cloud Event - three special clouds come in to view and if you interact with them you can hear musical themes which are linked to each one. Platforms: PC Age group: 2-4

Teletubbies Favourite Games: 

Teletubbies Favourite Games Description Join the Teletubbies for exercises, create havoc with the Tubby custard machine, play roly-poly down the hill and find the Teletubbies hiding behind the curtains! Plus - watch children at play through the Teletubbies' tummies and then use the Tubbytronic technology to join in the fun. Favourite Games has been designed to be a safe and fun place for children to enjoy themselves. Children can choose which moves the Teletubbies perform and join in the fun. Touch Toe! Jump! Bump Tummies! Choose your favourite moves. Pick the moves in any order and create lots of funny combinations. In the Rolling game the Teletubbies are at the top of the hill ready to roll. Guide them down the hill towards their favourite things. Stop to look at rabbits, flowers and other objects on the way. Watch three of the Teletubbies hide behind the curtains. Your child helps the remaining Teletubby find one of the other three. When the Teletubby is found they all get very excited! In the Tubby Custard activity you take over the controls of the tubby custard machine and help the Teletubbies fill their tummies. Press the buttons and move the levers to make lots of tubby custard mess. The Teletubbies love to receive pictures from far away on their tummies. In this game, children can choose to watch one of five different video sequences featuring real children. At any moment the child can choose to play a game themed to the activity the children in the video are playing. Platforms: PC Age group: 2-4 ; 11219 words (3203 words in audio)

Tweenies – Play to the Music: 

Tweenies – Play to the Music Description Play to the Music has lots of fun musical activities and games for you to play with your Tweenie Dancemat and real working Microphone. Help Fizz copy Bella’s groovy dance moves – or boogie with them on your own dancemat. Find out which Tweenie likes which instrument and then sing along. Guide the Tweenies around a maze collecting musical notes and avoiding naughty dinosaurs. Also featuring a noisy paintbox, clap-hands game, mini challenges, and a whole host of fun Noisy Things to make tunes with! Platforms: PC Age group: 2-6 ; 16220 words (6794 words in audio)

Tweenies – Ready To Play: 

Tweenies – Ready To Play Description Hey, hey are you ready to play? Enjoy loads of great activities with the fun foursome! You can play 3 great games in Play Time or watch video clips with the Tweenies in Telly Time. Try your luck with Bella’s quiz in News Time and then enjoy a story with the Tweenies in Story Time. You can sing and dance to the Tweenies’ favourite songs in Song Time or get creative in Messy Time. And Doodles Mail lets you send and receive messages from the Tweenies. Fab-a-rooney! Are you ready to play with Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake? Enjoy loads of great activities with the fun foursome! Have fun with three fantastic print and play activities! Get creative on your virtual canvas with the Tweenies' art tools, make finger puppets of Bella, Milo Fizz, Jake, Max, Judy and Doodles or create up to 120 wacky masks. Watch your favourite video clips with the Tweenies in Telly Time. Sing and dance to the Tweenies' favourite songs and play the Tweenies' instruments. Plus - try your hand at Bella's quiz, catch flying bones for Doodles, fly Milo's rocket and play snap with Jake. Send and receive messages from the Tweenies! Doodles brings you messages, pictures and rhymes from Bella, Milo, Fizz and Jake. Click on Doodles and he'll carry your own messages back to the Tweenies. Platforms: PC Age group: 3-5 ; 26349 words (9859 words in audio)

Tweenies – Messy Time Magic: 

Tweenies – Messy Time Magic Description Magical things can happen when you get creative with the Tweenies! Jungle Maker – Make a jungle collage with different animals and objects, then watch the whole scene come alive and even turn to night! Window Wonder – Mix and match pictures and shapes for your Tweenies’ window then see the lovely patterns as the light shines through. Baking Surprise – Make bread with special Tweenie ingredients and you might end up with some messy and funny results! Dot to Dot Magic – Join up the dots on the different pictures and watch as the whole scene comes to life when you’ve finished. Recycling Fun – Put things in the recycling machine and see what comes out! Can you make everything the Tweenies ask for out of the old scrap? Each activity is accompanied by a video clip from the programme. Once you’ve finished the activity, print and paint your creations or Judy will give you an idea for something you can do at home. With Tweenies – Messy Time Magic, children can get creative and use their imaginations – without the mess! Platforms: PC Age group: 3+ ; 21523 words (8968 words in audio)

Rotten Ralph – Ralph‘s Big Night In: 

Rotten Ralph – Ralph‘s Big Night In Platforms: PC Age group: 6-10 ; 18614 words (7160 words in audio) Description Is Rotten Ralph a loveable rogue, or the Pet from Hell ? Find out in this hilarious multimedia pack, featuring the star himself, his alley cat friends, his young owner Sarah and her long suffering parents. There’s classic clips from the television series, some screen savers, and a really rotten colouring package. The highlight is the chance to be in a special edition of Ralph’s favourite tv show, the Bongo Bob Show. Complete the games, (watch out for Ralph’s slime gun !) answer the questions and win the coveted Golden Banana! Catch up on your favourite Rotten Ralph moments with Ralph's very own video browser. Ralph, Mum and Dad, Sarah, Percy, the Alley Cats and Bongo Bob feature in over 30 fantastic clips. Ralph races his bike against an assortment of characters. Guess who the winner will be - but watch out - Rotten Ralph is likely to cheat! There's nothing Ralph likes more than being messy and creative with his art tools. You can join him with on-screen pens and brushes, fonts (including Ralph's own font!), shapes, a colour palette, patterns, Ralph themed stamps, templates to colour in and more. Join Ralph and his hero for a special Game Show edition of Bongo Bob. Take part in four challenging games and try to make it to the Golden Banana!

Tiny Planets – Heroes of the Universe: 

Tiny Planets – Heroes of the Universe Description Join the furry aliens, Bing andamp; Bong on their adventures through the universe! Explore and discover 14 fun games and activities, an exclusive art pack and video clips, all set on the amazing planets featured in the CiTV programme. Learn and problem solve through maths, science and technology themes. Mix colours and discover shadows on the Planet of Light andamp; Colour, or discover the different seasons on the Planet of Nature. On the Home Planet, you’ll find 3 fun puzzles, the Flocker-swopper game, making funny and colourful flocker combinations, and the Tiny Planets Guide – info on all the different tiny planets and their inhabitants. Platforms: PC, Mac Age group: 3+

BBC Big Kids: 

BBC Big Kids Walking with Beasts – Operation Salvage Walking with Dinosaurs – Fun Pack Ace Lightning

Walking With Beasts – Operation Salvage: 

Walking With Beasts – Operation Salvage Description The year is 2050. The place is Washington. At the World Wildlife Bionetwork, panic has broken out over the mysterious disappearance of a female agent now deemed to be acting for an unscrupulous organisation. You are the only person trained to carry out the mission that is crucial to the future survival of the planet and everyone who dwells upon it. You are agent Y your mission is Operation Salvage. This is the Director of the World Wildlife Bionetwork. You have been selected to replace a rogue agent and complete her mission, to collect video footage and bio-data to add to a vital archive – the Pre-History Databank Project. This is a dangerous assignment set in a savage world 65 million years back in time. Intelligence shows there are hazards in the terrain, natural and man-made booby traps. Your mission is to gather the information we vitally need, eradicate all unauthorised technology you find in the past and bring the rogue agent back. Your success secures the survival of the future! 1. Retrieve footage and log data of beasts from 6 time periods in accordance with brief. 2. Disable and destroy unauthorised technology: weapons provided. 3. Eliminate risk of rogue agent capturing and bringing back creatures. 4. Equip explorer with necessary equipment. Limited credits This is a critical mission. You will be in danger from enemy technology and weaponry, a harsh and alien landscape and huge vicious creatures like nothing on earth today. Set in this blood thirsty world of pre-historic beasts, Operation Salvage is an adventure PC game where the player must use strategy, stealth and tactics to locate and collect the information they need and avoid the booby-traps left by the other agent. The player must also avoid the dangerous animals whom he disturbs at his peril. Platforms: PC Age group: 7+

Walking With Dinosaurs – Fun Pack: 

Walking With Dinosaurs – Fun Pack Description Walking with Dinosaurs provides a real life experience with the most extraordinary creatures that ever lived! Like the television series on which it's based, the Walking with Dinosaurs CD-ROM will captivate the whole family. Explore pre-historic interactive landscapes and see dinosaurs hunting, flying, grazing and running in their natural habitats. Use your magnifying glass to discover details of dinosaur life including diets, life spans, sizes, habitats, extinction and many more fascinating facts. Collect plants, dinosaurs and animals from different landscapes and build a food chain ranging from simple plants to the most dangerous of carnivores. An archaeological excavation has revealed a collection of dinosaur fossils. Search out the missing pieces and rebuild the dinosaur skeletons. Trace the evolution of dinosaurs from basic reptiles to the first mammals, from Allosaurs to Utahraptors and beyond! Select creatures from the landscapes and place them in the family tree to progress through the ages. Select criteria from the search facility to access fact files on numerous dinosaurs. Does your dinosaur walk, swim or fly? Is it a carnivore, a herbivore or an omnivore? Get pre-historic on your PC with dinosaur sounds, wallpapers, screensavers, animated cursors and icons. Plus - browse through your favourite clips from the television series on the Walking with Dinosaurs video browser. Platforms: PC Age group: 8+ ; 22805 words (6065 words in audio)

Ace Lightning: 

Ace Lightning Description This third-person action-adventure game lets you guide the foremost of the Lightning Knights, Ace Lightning, on his mission to defeat the evil Lord Fear and send him and his gang back to prison in the sixth dimension. The only way to capture Lord Fear is to collect all the pieces of the magical Amulet of Zoar, which he has hidden throughout the Carnival of Doom--a scary place full of exaggeratedly imposing tents, rides and sideshows, with distorted geometry and disturbing lighting effects. You must guide Ace Lightning around the eerie halls of the Carnival, and into its four zones--the Ghost Town, Fun Park, Circus and House of Horror--on his great quest to collect the pieces of the Amulet. In each of the game's three-dimensional zones, you'll need to use Ace's skills to negotiate a series of different levels, and use his weapons to defeat a variety of henchmen, from crazy clowns to ghost town zombies, before meeting Lord Fear's gang of 'zone bosses', which include the BBC TV series' characters Lady Illusion, Pigface, Googler and Dirty Rat. Once all the parts of the Amulet have been recovered, the game climaxes with a final showdown between Ace Lightning and his evil nemesis Lord Fear in the Haunted House... Ace Lightning and the Carnival of Doom is a new pre-teen action comedy series (26 x 30 minutes), combining live action with stunning CGI animation. Platforms: PC, GBA, PS2 Age group: 7+


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