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Search Engines: 

Search Engines Yahoo- MSN Search- Alta Vista- Lycos- Excite-

Meta Search engines: 

Meta Search engines Meta Search or Multi-threaded search engines actually search the search engines for hits… Profusion- Metacrawler- Metor- Dogpile- Google-

Direct Search Engines: 

Direct Search Engines Similar to Meta Searches but tend to offer alternative links to inforamtion Direct Search- Infomine-

Specialty Search Engines: 

Specialty Search Engines Catalogs of Catalogs The Search Engine Guide- Lycos Searchable Database- SearchAbility’s A-Z-

Other Searches: 

Other Searches Addresses/Emails: Infospace- Bigfoot- WorldPages- MSN Yellowpages- Maps Expedia- Mapquest- MapBlast-

Other Searches: 

Other Searches Dictionaries/Encyclopedias- Merriam-Webster- Encarta- Pictures- Corbis-

Boolean Searches: 

Boolean Searches Purebred Dogs- Will yield hits for all pages containing: “purebred” “Dogs” “purebred dogs” Entering “Purebred Dogs” will yield hits for ONLY those pages containing that specific phrase! Use “AND” & “Or”- “Purebred Dogs” AND “Barking”

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