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Land of the Rising Sun: 

Land of the Rising Sun Christine McDaniel Fifth Grade DES


Geography Pacific Rim Sea of Japan Four Major Islands 1. Honshu (largest) 2. Hokkaido 3. Kyushu 4. Shikoku Pacific Ocean Sea of Japan 1 2 3 4

Ring of Fire: 

Ring of Fire   Japan is part of the Ring of Fire, a narrow zone of active volcanoes in the Pacific Ocean. Japan is made of several volcanic mountains that thrust up from the Pacific Ocean floor. Japan has about 170 volcanoes, 75 of which are active.


Monsoons Monsoons -winds that change direction depending on the season. In the summer, the monsoon blows from the east, bringing heavy rain from the Pacific Ocean. In the winter, monsoon blows cold dry air from Asia in the west.


Typhoons In late summer there are typhoons, violent tropical hurricanes that bring floods and landslides.


“Kamikaze” Means “divine wind” When Mongols tried to invade Japan in 1281, his ships were destroyed by the immense storm. Ancient Japanese believed that was proof of the sacredness of their nation.


Earthquakes There are more earthquakes in Japan than in any other nation. The Japanese people feel about 1500 tremors every year. Most are harmless, but about once every two years, an earthquake causes serious damage and loss of life.


Tsunamis An earthquake that happens just off the shore of Japan can cause a tsunami. A tsunami is an enormous ocean wave that can devastate coastal lands.



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