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Microsoft-SAP Partnership and Technical Roadmap for Interoperability: 

Microsoft-SAP Partnership and Technical Roadmap for Interoperability Tilo Boettcher Program Manager CTSC, Microsoft Corp. tiloboet@microsoft.com


SAP and Microsoft: Two Strong Partners Frontend Interoperability Applications & Services Applistructure Interoperabilität Summary and further Links

CTSC Disclaimer: 

CTSC Disclaimer During this presentation you will learn: The status of the partnership between SAP and Microsoft The joint roadmap for technologies and products How SAP-Microsoft interoperability can make your IT infrastructure more efficient Where to find resources about SAP-Microsoft interoperability For a better understanding of this presentation please note: The CTSC focuses on technical guidance and information around integration of SAP and Microsoft product stacks The CTSC maintains a neutral position between SAP and Microsoft. This presentation is a jointly agreed presentation of the CTSC This presentation may only be used without alterations and deletions

The Value of Interoperability: 

Microsoft .NET “Interoperability = Agility at low TCO” Integrated solutions will become a central demand Leverage Applistructure Platforms for Flexibility and Agility Strategic Vendors SAP and Microsoft offer choice through interoperability SAP NetWeaver Business Process Platform Enterprise services Composite applications Full .NET Interoperability Collaboration, workflow and analytics Web services Integration High impact user experience The Value of Interoperability

History of the Relationship: 

History of the Relationship 1993 Applications & Services Partner- ship Client Interop. Appli-structure 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 Agreement between Bill Gates and Hasso Plattner Microsoft becomes SAP Customer SAP R/3 on Windows NT SAP is Windows 2000 launch partner DCOM Connector SAP .NET Connector Integration with Exchange Server mySAP.com Solutions on Pocket PC SAPGUI auf Windows SAP R/3 on SQL Server mySAP SCM for Xbox manufacturing Portal Development Kit .NET SAP 64-Bit Windows (for Itanium) RFC SDK SAP Desktop Office Int. SAP NetWeaver and Microsoft .NET interop announcement Mendocino partnership Mendocino ships mySAP CRM Mobile Client on Tablet PC Integration with Microsoft Project Joint Commitment to Advanced Web Services Full Interoperability

Joint Roadmap for Planning Safety: 

Joint Roadmap for Planning Safety

Interoperability: Involved Components: 

Interoperability: Involved Components


SAP und Microsoft: Two Strong Partners Frontend Interoperability Applications & Services Applistructure Interoperabilität Summary and further Links

Front-End Interoperability: 

Front-End Interoperability Front ends will support all kind of users in their daily business through a variety of channels, form factors and technologies. Channels: Microsoft Office, NetWeaver Portal, Web Apps, Mobile devices and apps, Smart Client, Rich client in different Industry solutions. Form factors: Smart phone, Mobile devices, Ultra mobile PC, Tablet, Laptop, Workstation, ruggedized devices, Industry specific. Technologies: .NET framework components and languages, Java, WebDynpro, Web Services. Benefits and value Reuse of existing software and components Flexibility of choice Familiarity with existing user interfaces

Roadmap: Front-End Interoperability: 

Roadmap: Front-End Interoperability Office Project „Mendocino“ delivers ready-to-use scenarios Information Bridge Framework (V2.0) to leverage web services Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 to extend Office Portal Interoperability (front-end layer) Portal Development Kit for .NET for iView deployment iViews (NetWeaver Portal) and WebParts (SharePoint) can be developed and deployed from the .NET PDK 2.0 Mobile SAP Apps (8 Apps, JVM based) on Windows mobile

Duet formerly known as “Mendocino”: 

Duet formerly known as “Mendocino” Version 1.0 pre-packaged Scenarios Time management Budget monitoring Leave management Organization management Version 1.x+ open up for development and custom scenarios supports „pluggable services“

Portal Co-Existence: 

Portal Co-Existence NetWeaver Portal and SharePoint Portal Frameworks NetWeaver Portal and SharePoint Products and Technologies are pursuing different goals and are based on different frameworks centralized, transaction oriented with pre built business packages vs. decentralized, collaborative document oriented „Horses for courses..“ Interoperability standards for Portals – WSRP WSRP 1.0 has limitations and partial support WSRP 2.0 is not released and implemented Search TREX with extensions through Repository Managers Sharepoint Search extensible through Web Services and Search Interfaces

SAP NetWeaver Portal Development Kit for Microsoft .NET: 

Interoperability Develop iViews using Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Integrate Microsoft and SAP based applications into NetWeaver Portal Seamless integration with SAP Enterprise Portal 6.0 and SharePoint Leverage resources around Microsoft .NET framework and ASP.NET Product Roadmap First version shown at Saphire 2003 by Shai Agassi (SAP) and Eric Rudder (MSFT) now in V 2.0 Download from SAP Developer Network (sdn.sap.com) SAP NetWeaver Portal Development Kit for Microsoft .NET SAP Menu Solution Explorer Context Sensitive Help SAP UI Controls SAP Server Explorer

Reference: Usage of PDK .NET: 

Reference: Usage of PDK .NET Customer Profile The Ministry of Finance is the main economic ministry of the Government of Israel. It is responsible for planning and implementing the Government's overall economic policy. Business Situation and needs The Israeli Ministry of Finance operates in a dedicated Microsoft .NET environment and had developed an enormous pool of applications, skills , and knowledge in .NET. As the government decides to exploit SAP Enterprise Portal to all Ministries the Ministry of Finance looked for a solution to keep the existing knowledge and also to use the familiar Visual Studio .NET environment. Solution description The Israeli Ministry of finance decided to use the SAP Portal Development Kit for Microsoft .NET which enables developers to build SAP Enterprise Portal components (so-called iViews) using Visual Studio 2003 and Microsoft .NET. Benefits provided More than 40 portal pages delivered within 2 months New iViews developed within 3 hours Live Internet data feeds captured in SAP EP “Our .NET developers were comfortable using the SAP portal development kit within just two hours!” Shmuel Oppenheimer, Head of .Net Development, Israeli Ministery of Finance


SAP und Microsoft: Two Strong Partners Frontend Interoperability Applications & Services Applistructure Interoperabilität Summary and further Links

Vision and Value: Applications & Services: 

Vision and Value: Applications & Services Service Oriented Architectures permits the composition of business processes by connecting applications and components through web services. Applications and components: Building blocks containing business and solution logic Services: Design connections between applications and components Standards: Community based standards simplify interoperability and increase flexibility Benefits and value Composition and adaption of processes based on changing business requirements Out-of-the-box interoperability reduces implementation cost and simplifies management

Document Management Interoperability: 

Document Management Interoperability Products NetWeaver Portal, Knowledge Management, Search Share Point Products and Technologies, Content Management Server, Search Document management interoperability using WebDAV protocol Search, access and edit documents in peer repository SharePoint WebDAV Connector CMS as Content Management System for NetWeaver Portal

Microsoft .NET Data Provider for SAP NetWeaver BI: 

Microsoft .NET Data Provider for SAP NetWeaver BI The .NET Data Provider for SAP NetWeaver BI is officially certified to report on SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence Included in the SQL Server 2005 Reporting Service SP1 Based on the .NET Data Provider for SAP NetWeaver BI BW acts as a data source for SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) The .NET Data Provider for SAP NetWeaver BI uses the SAP BW XML\A interface SSRS reports can be based on any query created by the SAP BW query designer

SAP BEx .NET and Excel integration: 

SAP BEx .NET and Excel integration Query, Reporting & Analysis BEx Queries with the new .NET based Query Designer in state-of the art .NET Windows UI Formatted Reports with the new .NET based Report Designer using comprehensive design capabilities BEx Web Applications with the new .NET based Web Application Designer in WYSIWYG mode Excel Integration Business User can use BEx Analyzer in order to design and interact with MS Excel based BI Apps & workbooks

Reference: Portal Co-Existence: 

Reference: Portal Co-Existence Customer Profile Siemens Automation and Drives is a global leader in Drives and Automation. Siemens A&D belongs to the Siemens Group and is located in 70 countries wordwide. Turnover: € M 8,829 Employees: 51,000 Business Situation During the time Siemens A&D has collected millions of documents on file based systems. The immense know-how stored in this documents was difficult to use and it was very hard finding information stored in the various directory. Solution description Siemens A&D decided to implement a database based solution with Share Point Portal Server. For displaying the content in the Siemens Enterprise Portal Web Service are used. Benefits provided Share Point Functionality in SAP Enterprise Portal Unique presentation layout Higher productivity because of the team work with Share Point technologies Empowerment – every employee can design own pages by using a common Siemens layout “The employee thinks he or she is creating sites in the SAP Portal, but in reality is making it in the SharePoint Environment” Dr. Körmeier, BlueBridge


SAP und Microsoft: Two Strong Partners Frontend Interoperability Applications & Services Applistructure Interoperabilität Summary and further Links

Vision and Value: Applistructure Interoperability: 

Vision and Value: Applistructure Interoperability Application Servers and Application Platform are being enriched with ESA/SOA infrastructure to become Applistructures Web Services Infrastructure: Supporting out-of-the-box interoperability between platforms Identity Management: Seamless and secure user interaction Platforms: Scalable, reliable and proven platforms for agile business Benefits and value Coherent technology platforms offer more for less Leverage existing investments for new tasks Choice of best tools for specific tasks

Development Paths for SAP-centric Applications: 

Development Paths for SAP-centric Applications „Whatever technology you prefer, ...

Development Paths for Microsoft-centric Applications: 

Development Paths for Microsoft-centric Applications ... key to interoperability is a Service Oriented Architecture.“

Applistructure Interoperability: SAP XI and BizTalk: 

Applistructure Interoperability: SAP XI and BizTalk Interoperability Reliable messaging between SAP XI 3.0 and Microsoft BizTalk 2004 is possible using SOAP compliant communication including QoS Exactly Once Both companies drive advanced Web service protocols standards enabling reliable and transacted interoperability BPEL4WS WS-I Basic Profile WS-RM (Reliable Messaging) BizTalk Server Adapter for mySAP Business Suite (SAP certified) using SAP connector for Microsoft .NET

End-to-end Identity Management: 

SAP NetWeaver™ SAP NetWeaver Portal mySAP Business Suite and SAP R/3 HR SAP Net Weaver Application Server CRM ERP … R/3 CUA Microsoft Windows Server Exchange Sharepoint Portal Active Directory Single Sign-On SPNego User Management UME MIIS Microsoft .NET Applistructure Frontend, Application & Services End-to-end Identity Management

Microsoft Platforms: 

Microsoft Platforms Adaptive Computing support extended to Windows Server Run applications as services on any shared computing resource at any time, reducing cost of ownership by up to 40 percent Run multiple instances of enterprise software or databases on the same server through “virtualization” of applications from hardware resources. Windows Server: New x64-bit Architecture Major improvement of price/performance based on 64-bit addressability and multi-core chip enhancements x64 will become the mainstream technology following x86 SAP will fully support this new architecture SQL Server 2005 Major enhancement regarding High Availability and easier administration with SQL 2005 Supported by SAP from first day

Reference: BizTalk and XI: 

Reference: BizTalk and XI Customer Profile Poste Italiane is one of the largest Microsoft Customer in Italy. They manage Postal and Financial Services (Bancoposta). Revenue: € 8,562,115,000; FT Employees: 150.000; 14000 branch offices Business Situation and needs Target of the project was to provide the Business Unit managers with tools that would support them in planning and monitoring the processes at the distribution centers. Solution description In this project the central SAP instances have been integrated with machines control systems located at the Distribution Centers using the Microsoft technology: the shop floor information are sent to the central site using Microsoft BizTalk, integrated in SAP Exchange Infrastructure and remotely monitored (both real-time and batch) in a reporting console based on the ICONICS solution. Benefits provided Easier maintenance and operation Increase production efficiency by 4%. High reusability Cost saving High interoperabilty


SAP und Microsoft: Two Strong Partners Frontend Interoperability Applications & Services Applistructure Interoperabilität Summary and further Links

.NET Interoperability in SAP sdn: 

.NET Interoperability in SAP sdn

SAP Interoperability on microsoft.com : 

SAP Interoperability on microsoft.com


„The Collaboration Technology Support Center is a joint team of experts from SAP and Microsoft that provides guidance and help for better integration between SAP and Microsoft products.“ The CTSC maintains a neutral Position between SAP and Microsoft towards customers and partners. The Microsoft-SAP CTSC


Summary 4 3 2 1 5 SAP and Microsoft are reliable STRATEGIC PARTNERS Customers deploy NetWeaver and .NET as their APPLISTRUCTURES SAP and Microsoft support SERVICE ORIENTED ARCHITECTURES SAP and Microsoft jointly offer tight INTEROPERABILITY More customers decide on SAP and Microsoft as STRATEGIC VENDORS

Further Information: 

Further Information

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