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OPORA RUSSIA Russian small and medium enterprises Business oportunities for foreign companies

The main features of small business development in Russia : 

The main features of small business development in Russia 12-15 % of Gross Internal Product falls on small and medium business 17 % of economically active population is occupied in small and medium business On the average there are 6 small enterprises per 1000 inhabitants in Russia The maximum quota of small enterprises is in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg (about 20 per 1000 inhabitants) In general there are 850 thousands of small enterprises in Russia. Among them: in industry - 14 % in trade and mass catering – 44,3% in construction – 13,8 % in science and innovation sphere – 3,5 %


OPORA RUSSIA OPORA RUSSIA All-Russian public organization of small and medium business (founded in September, 2002) OPORA All-Russian Union of business organizations (Founded in September, 2001) Committees and commissions Regional coordinators (7 RF federal districts) Entrepreneurs Entrepreneurial regional Unions and Associations Entrepreneurial branch associations, unions (105) Entrepreneurs More than 15 00 (give work to 3 500 000 employees) Regional departments in 66 RF regions

Regional development: 

Regional development OPORA RUSSIA has regional departments in 66 of 88 regions OPORA RUSSIA actively works on opening of departments in 11 regions Regions, where OPORA RUSSIA has its departments

Vectors of influence : 

RF President Administration State Duma Council of Federation Vectors of influence RF Government Ministry of Economic Development and trade Commission on Human Rights Ministries




NEW STRUCTURE OF THE RF GOVERNMENT Prime-minister Vice-premier ECONOMIC BLOC SOCIAL BLOC FORCE BLOC Ministry of the natural resources Ministry of defense Ministry of the public health and social development Ministry of internal affairs Ministry on emergencies Ministry of justice Ministry of Foreign Affaires Ministry of the culture and mass media Ministry of public education and science Ministry of finance Ministry of economic development and trade Ministry of transport and communication Ministry of the agriculture Ministry of industry and energy


ECONOMIC BLOC MINISTRY OF NATURAL RESOURCES Federal agencies: for water resources for forestry for utilization of bowels MINISTRY OF FINANCE Federal services: tax for financial monitoring for insurance supervision for financial & budget inspection MINISTRY OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT AND TRADE Federal services: for custom State committee of reserves State committee of statistic for tariffs Federal agencies cadastre of the real estate objects on federal property managing MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT AND COMMUNICATION Federal services: for supervision in the sphere of communication for supervision in the sphere of transport MINISTRY OF THE AGREECULTURE Federal services: for veterinary and phyto-sanitary supervision Federal agencies: for agriculture for fishing MINISTRY OF INDUSTRY AND ENERGY Federal services: for atomic supervision for technological supervision for technological regulation and metrology Federal agencies: for power industry for construction, housing and communal services for industry for space for atomic energy

Main directions of activity:: 

Main directions of activity: Protection of entrepreneurs rights Improvement of SME development conditions Administrative reforms Tax reforms Improvement of legal system Improvement of antimonopoly legislation Creation of SME State support system Financial support for starting small business Access to credit resources Participation in Government Contracting Cooperation with other Russian business unions and associations International cooperation


Ministry of foreign affairs of Russia International Nongovernmental organizations and programs International cooperation State support PARTNERS (foreign business-associations) USAID, ILO, TACIS, FINCA CGPME France CECC China OSEC Switzerland US-RUSSIA CENTER for entrepreneurship USA NADSME Slovakia FICCI India

Some opportunities of cooperation between OPORA RUSSIA and foreign business-associations : 

Some opportunities of cooperation between OPORA RUSSIA and foreign business-associations Legal support Informational support and exchange Consulting System of recommendations Exchange of experience in development and support of SME

Some opportunities for participation of foreign SME on the Russian market : 

Some opportunities for participation of foreign SME on the Russian market Market of Hi-tech technologies, creation of joint – ventures (electronics, communications, transport, etc.) The sphere of housing and communal services The market of the real estate (demand outstrips the offer. In Moscow the prices for habitation have gone up by 25 % in 2003) Financial services for population, in particular, mortgage crediting The market of high-quality food products The pharmaceutical market. Creation of joint ventures The market of clothes. The Russian enterprises cover only 20 % of $ 25 billion market The market of everyday entertainments (cafe, restaurants, clubs, fitness - clubs, etc.). The market volume reached 6 billion USD, in the near future it will reach 9 billion USD

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