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Sector Policies Japanese ODA seminar April 21, 2004 : 

Sector Policies Japanese ODA seminar April 21, 2004 -

High Priority Areas : 

High Priority Areas -Education -Health -Rural Development / Agriculture -Arsenic Mitigation -Power Full sector policy papers are available at the following website.

Priority Areas : 

Priority Areas -Road / Bridge -ICT -Environment -Private Sector Development -Disaster Management


Education Quality Improvement of Classroom Teaching and Learning Situation ex. Support to IDEAL Project at Primary Level (Grant) Quality Improvement of Teacher Training in Science and Mathematics ex.1 Assistance to Training Institutions at Primary and Secondary Level in Science and Mathematics (JOCVs) ex.2 Strengthening Primary Teacher Training on Science and Mathematics (T/C)

Education cont’d: 

Education cont’d Upgrading of Human Resources for National Development ex. HRD at Higher Institutes in Japan (Monbu-Kagakusho Scholarship, JDS) Development of Educational Administration Capacity Quality Improvement in Non-Formal Education ex.1 Capacity Enhancement of Adminictration in Primary Education (Long-term Expert) ex.2 Support to Non-Formal Education (JOCVs, Grassroots Grant Assistance)

Education cont’d: 

Education cont’d Quality Improvement of Non-Formal Education ex. Support to Non-Formal education (JOCVs, Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects)


Health Improving Maternal and Child Health Care ex.1 Human Resource Development on Reproductive Health Project (T/C) ex.2 Support to Strengthening of EOC Services (Grant) ex.3 Community Empowerment Program (collaboration with NGOs)

Health cont’d: 

Health cont’d Infectious Diseases Control ex.1 Polio Eradication (Grant, JOCV) ex.2 Filariasis Eradication (JOCV etc.)

Rural Development / Agriculture: 

Rural Development / Agriculture Increase in Income and Productivity ex. Extension Planning to Small-scale Poultry Farmers (Long-term Expert) Provision of Rural Infrastructure ex.1 Greater Faridpur Rural Infrastructure Development Project (Loan) ex.2 Rural Development Engineering Center (RDEC) Setting-up Project (T/C)

Rural Development / Agriculture cont’d: 

Rural Development / Agriculture cont’d Empowerment of Local Government Institution and the Poor ex. Participatory Rural Development Project (T/C) Coordination / Collaboration among Sub-sector ex. Participatory Rural Development through Empowerment of the Poor and the Linkage with Local Public Resources (Partnership Programme with NGO)

Arsenic mitigation : 

Arsenic mitigation Support of Governmental Policies ex. Arsenic Mitigation Advisor and C/P Training (Long-term expert and training) Assistance for Forming Community Based Organizations ex. Intergrated Approach for Mitigation of the Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water (Partnership Program with NGOs)

Arsenic mitigation cont’d: 

Arsenic mitigation cont’d Alternative Water Resources and Water Supply ex.1 Arsenic Mitigation Project (grant aid collaboration with UNICEF) ex.2 Intergrated Approach for Mitigation of the Arsenic Contamination of Drinking Water (Partnership Program with NGOs) Establishment of Water Quality Analyzing System ex. Strengthening of the Water Examination System (Grant B/D)


Power Assistance for improving the management, operation and financial position of BPDB ex.1 Power Sector Advisor (Long-term Expert) ex.2 Support further Total Quality Management (TQM) Assistance for construction of generation equipment with high investment efficiency ex. Support for improved maintenance in power stations (Senior Volunteer)

Power cont’d: 

Power cont’d Assistance reform of the power transmission and distribution sectors ex.1 Power Distribution and Efficiency Enhancement Project (Loan) - System Loss Reduction Pilot Scheme - Loss Reduction Pilot Project - Rural Electrification Project ex.2 Rural Electrification Project (Loan)

Road / Bridge: 

Road / Bridge Development and maintenance of arterial roads and bridges network (RHD portion) ex.1 Paksey Bridge Construction Project (Loan) ex.2 Rupsa Bridge Construction Project (Loan) ex. 3 Padma Bridge Construction Project (F/S) ex. 4 Portable Steel Bridge Construction Project for roads in rural area (Grant)

Road / Bridge cont’d: 

Road / Bridge cont’d Development and maintenance of rural roads and bridges network (LGED portion) ex.1 Greater Faridpur Infrastructure Development Project (Loan) ex.2 Northern Rural Infrastructure Development Project Improving Management of RHD and LGED ex.1 Roads and bridge maintenance advisor (Long-term expert) ex.2 Rural (infrastructure) development advisor (Long-term expert)


ICT Main Policy: Supporting Human Resource Development and Infrastructure Development to promote the growth of IT industry Component 1: Development of ICT Basic Infrastructure for Investment and Export Promotion ex.1. Interconnection facilities between the fixed phone line network of BTTB and private mobile operators (Loan) ex.2. Expansion of BTTB international line network project (Loan)


ICT Component 2: Providing Opportunities and Personnel Training for Export Promotion of ICT ex.1 Assistance for Teacher and Student Training in Educational Institution to encourage human resources for IT industry (planned) ex.2 Management Training for Executive Staff of IT company Component 3: Capacity Building of Policy Making and Regulatory Organizations and Restructuring of Executing Agency ex.1. Japanese Grant Aid for Human Resource Development Scholarship


Environment Promotion of Capacity Building of DOE ex. Urban Environmental Advisor (Expert & Counterpart Training) Solid Waste Management Component ex. Study on Solid Waste Management in Dhaka City (Development Study)

Environment cont’d: 

Environment cont’d Air Pollution Component ex. Project Formulation Study on Air Pollution Control and Urban Transport Management in Dhaka Metropolitan City- Water Pollution Component

Private Sector Development: 

Private Sector Development Basic infrastructure for investment and export promotion ex. Construction of basic infrastructure such as power, bridge, roads, telecommunication (Loan) Human resource development for investment and export promotion ex. Capacity building through dispatch of the third country experts and training in the third country

Private Sector Development cont’d: 

Private Sector Development cont’d Investment environment improvement ex.1 Project research for supporting industrial development in LDCs. (Study) ex.2 Project formulation study on support and promotion of export industries ex.3 Japan Bangladesh Chamber of Commerce and Industries (JBCCI) ex.4. Tourism Master Plan Development (Development Study)

Disaster Management : 

Disaster Management Flood Management ex.1 Feasibility Study for Improvement of Flood Forecasting and Warning Services (Development Study) ex.2 Improvement of rainwater drainage system in Dhaka ex.3 Water Management and Development Advisor (Expert)

Disaster Management cont’d: 

Disaster Management cont’d Cyclone Management ex.1 Project for the Construction of Multipurpose Cyclone Shelters (Grant Aid) ex.2 Strengthening of cyclone observation system (Grant Aid) Earthquake Management ex. Short-term experts on the Improvement Seismological Services in Bangladesh (Expert)

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