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NAIS – Florida Cattle Programs ID Info Expo 2005 Chicago, Illinois September 28, 2005 Thomas J. Holt, State Veterinarian Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Charles Bronson, Commissioner NAIS – Florida Cattle Programs ID Info Expo 2005 Chicago, Illinois September 28, 2005


Overview: Florida 1 million commercial beef cows-calves trucked west for feeding and processing into beef Many seedstock operations (seedstock for FL and international markets) 180 dairies - 130,000 milking cows; 35,000 replacement heifers 10 auction markets 1 major processing plant


Premises Identification and Registration 1,000 premises registered (approx. 80 – 90% of cattle) All livestock markets and slaughter plants registered Utilization of farm Services Agency and Extension throughout Florida this year Expanded outreach – FFA, 4H, high school ag programs, fairs, livestock markets and county meetings, heifer sales and bull sales


Calf Segment 16,000 calves electronically identified Scanned at loading andamp; at shipping points Management programs for data capture and tracking Data returned for early analysis Early plans for combining electronic ID and tracking with electronic health certification


Seminole Tribe of Florida (68 owners plus tribal owned cattle) Entire herd of andgt;10,000 cows and bulls electronically identified 8,000 calves electronically identified Implementation of Cow Sense program Tracking and owner reports on calf information on management, health, productivity, and costs


Seminole Tribe of Florida (continued) Continue program and electronically ID calves and cows Work with individual producers on changing management to improve productivity


Cull Cow Segment NAIS funds used to support equipment costs of one packing plant Beef buyer incentive program for source verified beef $5 - $10 premium paid to Producers andgt;30 Producers involved in program


Cull Cow Segment (continued) $65,000 + total paid out (January 05 – August 05) Florida funds used to provide one for one electronic ID tags back to participating producers Outreach to greater numbers of producers Outreach / Educational visits to livestock markets


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Concerns Exceptions / Reports Out Need for VS State Cooperative effort at Area and Regional levels


Contact Information: Dr. Thomas J. Holt State Veterinarian/Division Director holtt@doacs.state.fl.us (850) 410-0900 Cattle Program Dr. Ashby Green (850) 410-0940 greeng@doacs.state.fl.us Stephen Monroe (850) 410-0944 monroes@doacs.state.fl.us Equine Program Dr. Mike Short shortm@doacs.state.fl.us (850) 410-0901

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