Six Sigma and Quality Function Deployment

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Six Sigma and Quality Function Deployment:

Six Sigma and Quality Function Deployment The core of six sigma lies in the better utilization of resources available in the organization to deliver zero defect products and services to the end users. While implementing Six Sigma in an organization there are several other processes that are implemented as a part of Six Sigma. With Six Sigma having six phases there are various processes that make up these six phases. One of the processes used in six sigma is Quality Function Deployment (QFD).QFD was developed by a Japanese innovator called Dr. Yoji Akao. Dr. Yoji Akao believed that bringing in a personal interface for each client is of utmost importance as it will help in a personalized touch for each individual in modern manufacture and business. The growing distance between a manufacturer and the end user was yet another factor for QFD to come into existence. Quality Function Deployment links the needs of the end user or customer with design, development, engineering, manufacturing and other functions like service function.Quality Function Deployment especially when implemented with six sigma involves understanding customer requirements. These requirements form the basis of any six sigma project when implemented. This involves more precisely collecting the customer’s requirements /desires that are specified by the customers in their own words. This step is generally carried out in the Define phase of the project. Next all these desires or requirements are prioritized and translated into engineering and process requirements that can be further communicated to the assembly line workers or to the QD department people. But before acting on any of these desires one needs to set targets to meet requirements in the long term or the short term.The QFD Methodology when implemented in six sigma involves a particular methodology which needs to be followed religiously so as to have the best results regarding the outcome of the six sigma strategies that have been implemented on a particular process. The identification of external and internal customers becomes quite important while implementing the QFD Methodology. The team needs to create questions that can get the answers tat would be best suited for the project.

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Make sure the questions are such that the customer is forced to answer it honestly. The data collected in the form of questions and answers needs to be organized and stored for future usage.Quality Function Deployment is an undoubtly a comprehensive quality system that systematically links the needs of the customer with various business functions and organizational processes, such as marketing, design, quality, production, manufacturing, sales, etc., aligning the entire company toward achieving a common goal. Learn more about Online Certification programs and Online Certification Training. See more articles from author on six sigma black belt certification, online certification programs, Six Sigma Certification Online , professional project management certification, Six Sigma Certification and project management certification by visiting – Article Source:

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