Jumping over the hurdles in Six Sigma Implementation

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Jumping over the hurdles in Six Sigma Implementation :

Jumping over the hurdles in Six Sigma Implementation Whenever a new strategy is implemented in an organization it faces resistance from many quarters although everyone knows the benefits and the roles they have been assigned still resistance in inevitable. This resistance stems from insecurity and an unwillingness to change and get out of the comfort zone. The resistance to change if not overcome will ultimately lead to the failure of the strategy or the scrapping of the system that is in the process of being implemented in the organization. Same is the case of any six sigma Project that is being started in an organization to bring one of its processes to zero defect. As Six sigma brings in a cultural change in an organization thus employee are bound to resist its implementation. The employees may think that the implementation of six sigma will lead to loss of job for them or their peers in the organization or may lead to a change in their profile or department. The Employees may resist by not providing the data required for the successful implementation of the six sigma strategy or may provide wrong information and wrong data that will ruin the very purpose of the six sigma project. Team Selection can also be another major reason due to which employees may resist the implementation of a six sigma project. Some employees may feel that they have been left out of the team due to one or more reasons. This may lead to an internal conflict in the department and may even lead to Ego Clashes of the top management as they may try to get their blue eyed boys in the team keeping skills and core competencies aside.

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It’s the duty of the champion to get to the root cause of the resistance and get the team going with the project. One of the methods to avoid conflict is to have a transparent policy regarding the implementation of the policies. One should never talk about the replacement of an employee with another employee in the organization. A session which underlines the importance of the project implementation for the organization should be undertaken which explains to each and every employee that no one stands a chance to loose his or her job in the wake of the implementation of the project. This will bring in an assurance from the management to the employees that the project is not there to eat up their job. Focus on the points that are making the employees tasks easy in the long run and will go a long way in improving their profile in the long run. Make sure that the selection of the members in the team is on a merit basis. The needs and the benefits of the organization should be given top priority. Learn more about Six Sigma Certification online and Online Certification Training, including project management certification, six sigma green belt certification, online certification programs, Post Employment Testing Solutions, Six Sigma Certification and kaizen certification by visiting - http://online-certification.jimdo.com/ Article Source: http://blog.brainmeasures.com/2011/10/17/overcoming-resistance-during-six-sigma-implementation.aspx

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