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TIA Project:

TIA Project Shane Cowen Shanecowen11@knights.ucf.edu 7/11/20 EEX 4070


Introduction The pandemic shut out some of my options for TIA. I did find two great children to work with though. For my TIA project I worked with two young children on the ASD. Their mother works with my brother, so I had some interaction with them before. I explained to her my project and that I would love to work with them if it was okay so further my pretty limited experience with disabled children.

Engagement Activities:

Engagement Activities I knew the best way to work with them was probably to create lesson plans to give me templates. I knew I would probably have to adapt some things, but I wanted to have a plan. Wanted to create fun lessons to keep the kids interested but also help them learn. Planned on six 2.5-hour lessons every Tuesday starting June 2 nd until July 7 th . Our June 23 rd lesson was cut short because the kids were not responding very well. Came back on the 25 th and they were much better. Their mom said sometimes they just have bad days.

Engagement Activities Cont.:

Engagement Activities Cont. Created 6 lesson plan: Colors, Animals, Animals again because they loved it so much, Shapes, Letters, and a sports games lesson The colors, shapes, and letters were all similar lessons. I first asked a couple questions to see what they already knew. I then showed them some pictures of different colors, shapes, letters. They really liked to draw so we did that often. I let them use different colors and try to draw different shapes. I also showed the younger girl how to write her name.

Patient Demographics:

Patient Demographics I worked with two young children who are on the Autism Spectrum. A 6-year-old boy, and a 4-year-old girl. There are 13 categories that qualify a student to be enrolled in special education. The Autism Spectrum Disorder is one. It is a developmental disability that can affect social and communication skills, as well as behavior.

Perception of Differences:

Perception of Differences Originally, I was very nervous about working with them. I had very little experience working with children who had disabilities. I also had not worked with elementary age children very much because I plan on teaching high school. The children were very shy in the beginning. I had met them only a few times very briefly, so I was a stranger. They surprisingly opened up to me very quickly. They asked questions and asked for help. They always wanted to show me their drawings. The week I had to cut my lesson short was probably the most impactful.

Connections to your Course:

Connections to your Course EEX 4070 I read in Chapter 9 of our text that children on the spectrum can become upset when a routine is disrupted. Tried an experiment and they quickly asked why I changed the routine. The DSM-5 uses a spectrum now because Autism has many varying effects. Even two siblings similar in age acted differently. I had a class with 1 Autistic person in high school so I did not really know the disorder could cause varying behaviors. The book talked about the two categories of ASD symptoms. One is more communication based, which I saw more from the girl. The boy displayed more repetitive behavior. He would often tap on the table or play with his hair.

Civic Engagement:

Civic Engagement I have always enjoyed doing volunteer work. In high school I did food banks and blood drives. I think seeing and helping people in need can make you realize a lot. Many people aren’t as fortunate as others. Plan on looking into more volunteer opportunities. Service-learning has always been enjoyable. Even just observing teachers gives you a different perspective. Great experience to help prepare me for internships and my career. I would definitely recommend students interested in teaching volunteer to see this perspective.

Final Thoughts and Reflections:

Final Thoughts and Reflections I truly believe I better understand people with disabilities much better because of this project and my course. I was not very well informed before and have learned so much. Being a teacher is so much more than academics. You are a role model. You can shape lives and inspire your students. Working with the two children was such a great experience for me and I am so glad I did it.

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