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Edmodo By Shana and Giulia

What is Edmodo?:

What is Edmodo? Web 2.0 tool aimed at students Social Networking site- current and constantly being updated World wide site- URL: ‘.com’ Forums Assignments Communicate with teacher out of school hours

What is a Web 2.0 tool?:

What is a Web 2.0 tool? Technology beyond earlier sites Darcy DiNucci Not necessarily an update but cumulative changes Interaction and Collaboration Examples: blogs, video sharing

Digital footprint:

Digital footprint Low digital footprint Name, Surname- that doesn’t even have to be real Group code- created by teacher Email address is optional Student friendly

How does it work:

How does it work No ads Easy to use Just username and password Includes: forums, select subject, groups , assignments.

Teacher :




Student- HW:

Student- HW


Disadvantages May distract students whilst studying If they don’t have wifi or a computer it could be a problem If all the work is only online if the site crashes all will be lost


Advantages Easy to use and understand Good tutorials online Efficient Easy for both the teacher and student Encourages students Will always have access to work- wifi Low digital footprint

So Go Edmodo !! :

So Go Edmodo !! 

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