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Communication & Collaboration Software:

Communication & Collaboration Software Shamz Rajani

What is Communication & Collaborative Software?:

What is Communication & Collaborative Software ? Communication & Collaborative software is software designed to help people involved in a common task achieve their goals. It allows people to work together on the same documents and projects over local and remote networks .


Blogs “ Blog/ WebLog : A web page containing brief, chronologically arranged items of information. A blog can take the form of a diary, journal, what's new page, or links to other web sites.” Peter Scott, Internet Librarian 2001 Blogging for teachers Blogging Student s T o build collaborative relationships - “Arena ” to share ideas Creating meaningful interaction Open lines of communication Cataloging day to day teaching learning experiences - Documenting teaching learning evidence


Wiki A wiki is online writing space where Anyone with rights can edit any text, add their thoughts or correct mistakes in the wiki page. Benefits for Students Benefits for Teachers - Develop research projects - Facilitates classroom projects - Add summaries - Post homework - Publishing - Collaborate with other teachers - Map concepts - Share reflections & thoughts - Brainstorming - Linked network of resources - Presentation tool - Strengthens writing skills

Some Educational Resources for Blogs & Wikis:

Some Educational Resources for Blogs & Wikis Some Educational Resources for blogs and wikis are :

Emails :

Emails The use of emails has revolutionized the way teachers communicate with their students. This approach can be very useful in all countries where technology is available and users are computer friendly .

Advantages of emails:

Advantages of emails Teachers can send assignments to students whenever the teacher is absent. Students may turn in their homework assignments without the use of paper. Less littering. Quicker responses to messages and questions. Economically speaking, students and teachers will save hundreds of dollars in paper and ink cartridges .

What is Videoconferencing?:

What is Videoconferencing ? Videoconferencing is a medium where two or more people at different locations can meet face-to-face in real time . Free Programs for Videoconferencing: Skype, iChat, Google Video Chat Dallas Paris


Advantages of Videoconferencing Student learning impacted : Enhances student motivation Students have the opportunity to interact with the experts in a particular field of study Videoconferencing accommodates a variety of different learning styles through several modalities. Videoconferencing affords students the opportunity to develop and improve various communication skills . Videoconferencing maximizes time and resources.


90% of college students visit social networking sites on a regular basis Social learning is learners learning from each other  Social learning can increase comprehension of material and create new channels for students to learn . WHY IS SOCIAL LEARNING IMPORTANT? Source:


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