Getting Started with authorPOINT Lite


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authorPOINT Lite -A powerful tool that converts your bulky PowerPoint presentations to lighter flash files and uploads them to authorSTREAM.


By: contactrinki (123 month(s) ago)

Is any ppt to swf server side converter tool or any one can create ppt to swf converter. contact with me .

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Getting Started with authorPOINT Lite: 

Getting Started with authorPOINT Lite

What is authorPOINT Lite?: 

What is authorPOINT Lite? Once converted, your presentations cast the same impact as your PowerPoint presentations; PLUS you have all the benefits of Flash files like reduced size, secure content and easy distribution on the Web. What is authorPOINT Lite? authorPOINT Lite is a powerful conversion tool that converts your PowerPoint presentations to flash. It is easy to use, and provides fast, accurate and high quality file conversions. And it is FREE!!

How to use authorPOINT Lite?: 

How to use authorPOINT Lite? 1 2 3 Import Your Presentation Create/Edit Your Profile Settings Upload to authorSTREAM All for Free!!! Edit Presentation’s Details 4

How does authorPOINT Lite work?: 

How does authorPOINT Lite work? Import Your Presentation Select ‘Import’ through the File menu Click on quick icon for ‘Import’ option in the toolbar

Import Presentation(s): 

Import Presentation(s) You can import one presentation OR multiple presentations saved in a folder Click on ‘Import Now’ button.

Create Profile Settings: 

Create Profile Settings Create Profile Settings Select ‘Options’ via Tools menu.

Create Profile: 

Create Profile Create a new profile by clicking on ‘New’. Add your basic info. To save it as default profile for subsequent presentations, click on ‘Set as Default’ button. Create Profile

Select Template: 

Select Template Select the Color and Layout of the output To mark the selected template as default template for subsequent presentations, click on ‘Set as Default/ button. Select Template

Select Presentations’ Settings: 

Select Presentations’ Settings Select Presentation’s Settings Make appropriate selections from the available options Select a default location where your presentations will be saved by clicking on ‘Change’. Click on Ok

Edit Presentation’s Details: 

Edit Presentation’s Details Edit Presentation’s Details You can edit the details of a presentation after it has been imported to authorPOINT Lite and converted to Flash file. Select the presentation (to be edited) in the Content Manager window.

Edit Slide Titles and Slide Notes: 

Edit Slide Titles and Slide Notes You can edit the slide title; and the slide notes

Edit Presentation’s Details: 

Edit Presentation’s Details You can click on these tabs to edit more details about the presentation.

Upload to authorSTREAM: 

Upload to authorSTREAM Free and Easy Upload to authorSTREAM Click on quick icon for ‘Upload to authorSTREAM’ on the toolbar. Enter your authorSTREAM username and password.

Edit Details: 

Edit Details To edit a presentation’s details, hit the button marked ‘Edit Details’. You can edit the presentation’s title; enter presentation specific Description and Tags; and select the category of the presentation Click on Save

Batch Upload to authorSTREAM: 

Batch Upload to authorSTREAM Select the presentation(s) to be uploaded. Click on Upload. Press CTRL key to select multiple presentations. authorPOINT Lite supports Bulk Upload – you can upload multiple presentations in one go

Share Presentation URL: 

Share Presentation URL You can view the ‘Share Presentation URL’; and copy the same by right clicking on it.

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