Five Home remedies for five types of pains

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Five Home remedies for five types of pains


By: CoolDude (170 month(s) ago)

Cooooooool.........the tip on back ache......will give it a shot.

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Five Home Remedies for five types of pains: 

<![CDATA[ Five Home Remedies for five types of pains ]]>

Back Pain: 

<![CDATA[ Back Pain Lie on the bed and take rest for at least 2 full days, Apply an icepack on the effected area. After half an hour keep a hot pack. Steaming the area also will reduce the pain. Heat some coconut oil or mustard oil mixed with a little camphor (Karpuram) powder and apply on the effected area. Heat some coconut oil mixed with crushed dried ginger and garlic. Apply this warm oil to the affected area and place a hot bag over the area.  ]]>

Joint Pain: 

<![CDATA[ Joint Pain Apply Eucalyptus oil where there is pain. Steam the affected area Have one tea spoon of cod liver oil every day-Stick to the one tsp measure. Cut lemon into small pieces and fry them in gingelly oil. Put the pieces in a clean cloth and tie it. Apply this warm pack to the affected area. Boil tamarind leaf in water adding salt. Keep pouring the liquid on the affected area. Try Yoga, Cycling, Walking, Swimming etc.]]>

Ear Pain: 

<![CDATA[ Ear Pain If you have pain while you are lying down, sit down with head held up straight. Chewing some thing like Chewing gum, will help to open up the clogged Eustachian tube and thus reduce the pain Avoid cold food and water Pouring Ayurvedic medicine, 'Balathailam', will reduce the pain. Apply warm nutmeg oil in the area surrounding the ear]]>

Tooth Pain: 

<![CDATA[ Tooth Pain Gargle with warm water or warm water mixed with salt. Apply a little alcohol or clove oil or nutmeg oil to the effected tooth or area. Take a piece of ice and press it against the skin between your thumb and forefinger. Keep a piece of ice inside the mouth between the tooth and the cheeks for 15 minutes. Repeat four times a day. When in pain , never apply heat on your cheeks. ]]>

Neck Pain : 

<![CDATA[ Neck Pain While lifting heavy things sit down with your knees bend, keep the heavy object close to your body while lifting. Sleep on a hard bed and lie on your back Avoid pillows while lying on the bed. Apply heat on the neck. Relax. Tension causes pressure on the neck muscles  which leads to pain.]]>

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