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There are two groups of students at TKG Academy that are taking gardening classes at Kalachandji's Community Garden. I made this presentation for them, and as they listened and watched some were very wide-eyed. They got it at the end. :) The ending was slightly different for each of the two classes; this version has both endings one after the other.


Presentation Transcript


HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED We were all flying in a small airplane to a devotee farm community near Australia to help them because they were hit by a typhoon (hurricane).

Food and Supplies:

Food and Supplies We had supplies on board, such as food grains, flour, seeds, and medical supplies.

Another Storm:

Another Storm Our small plane was blown 500 miles off course by a storm. We ran out of fuel and went down at night in the Pacific Ocean.

Crash Landing:

Crash Landing The pilot was able to keep control of the plane as it went down and we crashed into the ocean near a small deserted island. We got everyone out of the airplane, which was in about 10 feet of water. Everyone got to shore and collapsed on the beach.

Making Decisions Together:

Making Decisions Together The following morning we all gathered on the beach. After some arguments, and after many people kept trying to speak at the same time, everyone agreed that: One person would be in charge of meetings and discussions.

Three Elders:

Three Elders We agreed that everyone would speak in the meetings only when recognized by the person in charge. We also appointed three of the older adults as elders. They would give directions and guidance to everyone else.

Long-term Survival:

Long-term Survival We all knew that preparation for long-term survival was very, very important. We would somehow have to provide our own food, water, shelter and other necessities.

Water Source:

Water Source The island is just large enough to grow food for about 20 people. Winters will not be too cold to grow. There is fresh water on the island in a small pond that is fed by a spring. We can only use the water for drinking, cooking, and for watering crops.

Use Everything:

Use Everything The first thing we needed to do was to recover everything we could use from the airplane wreckage, starting with the perishables. Everyone helped with this by wading out and swimming down to the airplane wreckage.

Food and Medicine but no Radio:

Food and Medicine but no Radio The food and medicine was all recovered first, and then the other items. Some of the flour and some medical supplies were ruined by water. The radio was damaged because parts of the cockpit crumpled when the plane hit the water.


Snacks We found some snacks and other food on the plane. Everyone ate lunch. There were jars of nut butter, canned goods, and some bread that was mostly wet and salty. There were also some tasty snacks, and everyone decided we would ration these to make them last as long as possible.

Division of Labor:

Division of Labor After lunch we all met again. We discussed how much manpower would be needed for food, how much for shelter, and how much for water. Most of the manpower will be needed for food.

Three Teams:

Three Teams Everyone agreed that one elder would be in charge of water, one would be in charge of food, and one would be in charge of shelter. We would form three teams; a water team, a shelter team, and a food team.

Water Team:

Water Team Two people are being assigned to the water team. They will work with the elder in charge to collect water, and to use good water conservation practices, and to put a waste management process in place.

Shelter Team:

Shelter Team Two other people are being assigned to work on the shelter team with the elder in charge. They are also being put in charge of fire and cooking. They will also set up an altar so our food can be offered.

Food Team:

Food Team We know that growing food will require the most work. The food we have will only last a few months. Therefore the remaining 12 people are being assigned to work on the food team. It is the most important one because if this team is not successful everyone will starve!

Working Together:

Working Together The elders just met together again today and decided to use a point system for everyone. They want to make sure that everyone will do their share of the work, and also that everyone works together nicely. This will be necessary if we are going to survive.

Helping Others:

Helping Others They said that points will be given based on how much each person works according to their capacity. Points are especially given for helping others, and for working together, and for creating a team spirit.

Do Your Share:

Do Your Share Points will be subtracted when someone is goofing off, or not doing their share, or not helping others when they have time, or not helping the whole team to be successful all together. If someone gets a lot of points subtracted they will have to go before the elders and explain why.

Team Spirit:

Team Spirit Everyone likes the plan, because it is fair. It will help each of us focus on what needs to be done, and to work together as a team. We need it to help us survive otherwise we will all starve!

It’s US!:

It’s US! WE are the ones stranded on the island. This is OUR story. (Team 1)

It’s US!:

It’s US! WE are the ones stranded on the island. This is OUR story. (Team 2)

It’s US!:

It’s US! (Team 2)

Food Team 1:

Food Team 1 Amulya Arjuna Ava Bala Brinda Gandiva Gopal Jamuna Krishna Nandalal Nitai Pran Padayatra Rasalila

Food Team 2:

Food Team 2 Aum Chakrika Krishna Chaitanya Radhe Madhava Vikasni Vara Ember Priyatama Visakha Ramananda Yovana


ARE WE READY? Get more crops planted now! Get rid of weeds Help each other with everything Success is only possible by working together

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