Chapter 05 - Creating Vision Documents


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How to create your Vision Statement, Vision documents, Mission Statement, etc. Includes many excellent group exercises designed to bring members together and find commonality between them.


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Creating a Life Together:

Creating a Life Together Chapter Five

Creating Vision Documents:

Creating Vision Documents 1. More than One Vision 2. A Sacred Time 3. Hidden Expectations & Structural Conflict 4. Exporing the Territory - Exercises 5. Sharing from the Heart 6. Writing it Down

The General Process:

The General Process Exploring dreams, hopes, expectations Discussions, personal sharing, group exercises Write down highlights Smaller task force generally uses this material to create prelimary drafts & present to group Or this can be done by the whole group

The General Process:

The General Process Smaller groups; similar values; everyone knows each other; - finish in a few weeks or months Other groups can take up to 2 years Smaller group – even 2-3 people – is better Everyone involved should contribute People will “vote” one way or another

1. More Than One Vision:

1. More Than One Vision Differences may not resolve Possible outcomes: some people leave, new people come, entire group disbands, more than one group created Existing relationships impact the outcome Solution: help everyone discover their vision

2. A Sacred Time:

2. A Sacred Time This is one of your most important tasks Determine who is a committed member Speak from the heart, listen from the heart Listen also for what seems “off” – unrealistic, or what only therapy could provide Find the deep sense of purpose

Hidden Expectation & Structural Conflict:

Hidden Expectation & Structural Conflict Unrealistic expectations and assumptions Can we expect community to provide them Suppressed pain, hidden expectations, emotional turmoil -> structural conflict later Living in c. cannot erase buried emotional pain Use the visioning process to discover all these

Exploring the Territory: Group Exercises:

Exploring the Territory: Group Exercises May take several half-day or day-long sessions over several weeks Meet in a cozy room with pillows, snacks, etc Choose a facilitator Make a poster:

Our Community Vision:

Our Community Vision Shared future we want to create Reveals and announces our core values Each of us can identify with it Helps unify our effort Reference point we can return to Keeps us all inspired


Exercises 1 & 2 – Individual Values / Group Values 3 – Brainstorming 4 – Non-negotiables 5 – Where do we draw the line? 6 – The Public/Private Scale 7 – Hidden Expectations

Exercise 3 – Brainstorming:

Exercise 3 – Brainstorming We already developed our list of phrases Cluster them into categories Each person gets 5 red and 10 green dots Place red dots on categories, green dots on phrases Look at the overall picture and discuss

Exercise 4 – Non-negotiables:

Exercise 4 – Non-negotiables Each person lists what situations, systems, or conditions which must or must not be present before he/she will seriously consider going forward Everyone reads, someone writes them down Look at the overall picture and discuss

Exercise 5 – Where to Draw the Line?:

Exercise 5 – Where to Draw the Line? Create a list of actions people can take to express the value or interest being discussed List should be in increasing order of strictness, time required, difficulty, etc Each person gets as many red dots as the list Put dots by the things you are willing to do

Exercise 6 – The Public/Private Scale:

Exercise 6 – The Public/Private Scale Used when everyone is not speaking openly Large chart numbered from 1-9: 1 means oppose it, 5 means so-so, 9 means advocate it Everyone privately writes 1-9 on paper Put checkmarks on chart for each number Each person can see where they are in group

Exercise 7 – Hidden Expectations:

Exercise 7 – Hidden Expectations Meant to bypass the “thinking” part of mind Prepare questions in advance With pen and paper, each person writes using their non-dominant hand, as fast as possible Answers can be shared; but not required In sharing, group discusses general expectations

5. Sharing from the Heart:

5. Sharing from the Heart Several exercises can be repeated: “Non-negotiables” & “Brainstorming” to see how group’s ideas are shifting or coming together “Public/Private Scale” & “Where to Draw the Line” to get a sense how everyone feels about something Take notes on main points of discussion Dive deep into the process; seek to understand

6. Writing it Down:

6. Writing it Down During exercises, put up posters that describe vision documents & vision statement Can also have everyone write their own idea of what community vision statement should be At next meeting, try to merge them Read “Assessing Your Vision Documents (p 54)

Our Vision Documents:

Our Vision Documents Can include Vision, Mission, sometimes Goals Vision: Shared Future we want to create Mission: What we’ll be doing to create it Goals: Shorter term milestones we commit to Vision Statement: Vision articulated briefly

Our Vision Statement:

Our Vision Statement Expresses vision and mission/purpose Clear, concise, compelling Ideally short, 20 - 40 words Ideally memorized Helps awaken vision Is what others see first

Creating a Life Together:

Creating a Life Together Discussion

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